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  1. Tyk, I appreciate all of your feedback. You asked for a better way to prove the quality of our products? How many putter companies have 30 day guarantees? We do and the reason we have our guarantee is that we are so confident in our product that we put our money where our mouth is. It's not because we are starving for sales or that we are having problems breaking into the market place. I assure you that is not the case. Some of the top retailers and courses in the country have started carrying our products in the past 90 days and many are doing very very well. The David vs Goliath deal doesn't fit us. I think MGS was letting you the members of the forum know. "Hey this company has a phenomenal product and they are willing to let you try it risk free." That's it nothing more or nothing less. We are not trying to take on Odyssey, Nike or TMAG. I spent several years at one of the largest companies and I know what it would take $$ wise to fight that battle. We have not interest playing the Wall Street Game. We don't want to be the biggest putter company just the best and make the best products. We just want to carve out our niche in the market place. Like I said I appreciate no only yours but everyone's feedback keep it coming. Thanks, Phil Long VP - Sales and Marketing Axis1 Golf
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