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  1. COmmon people, this is fake. Golf shots don't start straight, then curve, then straigten out like in this picture. Plus, this is a promo piece done with the new Motorola MotoACTV device, which tracks your position via GPS. It doesn't track your golf shots, as this pic suggests. Thirdly, good players have no trouble hitting huge hooks when they need too, and Bubba practices these type of shots all the time. Bubba hits huge hooks and slices when warming up for each round.
  2. The great irony in this list is that the biggest winner - Taylor Made - makes historically the worst quality clubs on the market. Maybe their marketing has brainwashed average consumers to thinking they really are the best? As a long time, well respected clubmaker and fitter friend of mine told me many times: "I can tell you so many horror stories about people going to him with TM clubs that needed fixing..." He's seen wild variance in shaft weights, deflection and frequency. He's also seen head gram weights all over the map with TM irons, drivers and fairways too. I had a brand new R11 TP
  3. Dear friends, The Alabama Tornadoes of April 27th have left behind massive destruction. They made headlines for a few days, but since then the spotlight has moved on. The CNN trucks and news crews have all but left, yet the devastation remains. The Red Cross, community churches, local charities and community leaders were quick to come to the aid of others, but the damage is something that these communities will be dealing with for months and years to come. Imagine coming home to see a concrete slab where your house used to be, and all your personal belongings blown away with it... That's what
  4. Sounds about right. It's been 2 weeks since the SuperDeep came out. Time for a new model!
  5. I wrote about the new MacGregor line on my website and received some great responses from David Lowe, Golfsmith's VP of Product Development and International Business. I was harsh only because I don't want to see the great name turned into a component head. I will be testing the new irons and wedges head to head with my older V-Foil 1025M irons and Don White design wedges and if the new clubs should perform as well as the older models, I'll be happy to say so. I hope they do perform well, and that future designs stay true to the MacGregor name. My biggest criticism is the borrowing of Golfsmit
  6. I was at my local Golfsmith store this week and checked out the new stuff. The irons look pretty good. In my opinion, they look "Golfsmithed" in that the lines are not traditional MacGregor. The top line is a bit thicker, the offset a bit more pronounced, the toe line is softened a bit and the overall finish doesn't look like a traditional Mac to me. The driver looks simply like a Snake Eyes component driver. Very disappointed in that. The putters have a nice heavy feel to them, but again Golfsmith added their strange face groove/texture crap to the faces that they simply borrowed from th
  7. Wow, didn't take the imitators long! Actually like that version better!
  8. Yeah, and I was told the $350 price is for a wedge that is indeed hand ground by Mr. White. Not sure if the price goes down for a Jeff McCoy wedge, but he's certainly no slouch and got them where they are today...
  9. The course there looks nice too. It's called The Black Creek Club. They have a Nationwide event there every year. The main reason they chose Chattanooga for the office was to be close to the players and mini-tours. That is where they do their "R & D", and connect with the players in person. Several mini tours like the Hooters, Nationwide (not really a mini tour any more), eGolf and a few others play events in the region, giving them close access to the players and vice versa. Orlando or another big city was never really an option for them. If you are a serious golfer, or a golfer that
  10. Probably took about an hour, maybe a bit less. He started by having me hit some half wedges, and observing the sound (for solid contact) and divot size and shape to get an idea of which grind would be right. Then I tried a few different clubs and grinds to get a feel for how each performs. Moving on to full swings, punches and and finally to the chipping green, where I tried hitting basic chips, low, spinning shots and high soft shots. The lies were tight and finding the right grind was pretty easy. We experimented with a few different ones for comparison before settling on the SLT grind in a
  11. A few pictures of the Scratch Golf Tour Department are attached to my article BTW: http://www.intothegrain.com/scratch-golf-tour-department-behind-the-scenes/
  12. To your point - I recently visited Scratch Golf's Tour Department in Chattanooga TN and met Patrick Boyd, Scratch Golf's VP of Custom Sales and Director of Tour Department Operations. Basically he is in charge of making Scratch Golf's professional staff, touring pros and custom order customers happy. He took time out of his day to give me a tour of the facility, where they turn out about 8 clubs per day, all hand made. The addition of Don White, a hall of fame clubmaker, adds to their already legendary ability to combine modern design and fitting techniques with classic materials and workmansh
  13. Looks like an interesting design, how does it feel?
  14. It's actually a 9032LD, not an LS. The LD model is made for the Long Drive guys and has a thicker face to deal with the extreme abuse those guys dish out. I met Sadlowski at the PGA Demo Day in Jan and watched him hitting balls through a piece of 1/2" thick plywood with a normal length driver. SICK.
  15. Bob Bettinardi and Bobby Grace have gone back on their own this year, and Clay Long even if not well known has been on his own for years. Scotty Cameron certainly has built a good enough reputation to do the same if a contract with Titleist expired or was cancelled. Why would he sign on with another brand when being on his own would afford him total creative freedom and better control of pricing and manufacturing? Scotty doesn't need a Nike or TMAG to help promote and market his stuff, everybody knows him in the golf world, and going on his own would afford him much greater profit margins!
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