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  1. What do you think of Callaway's new clubs for 2012? Got a picture of their woods lineup, will upload their irons and wedges offerings. Enjoy
  2. Anybody got pics at address or anything else on this driver? Might consider buying this over a RAZR Hawk Tour driver. Is this forged composite and how does this adjustability work?
  3. Found this on golfwrx.com on one of the forum threads, maybe a replacement for the RAZR Hawk Tour driver?
  4. Nice looking clubs, maybe going to make it to the US market?
  5. At what prices will the Callaway RAZR Hawk driver start? I would like to actually use this driver in competition.
  6. Is there actually going to be a version for average golfers and weekend golfers? I like the shape of the head though. The FT-iZ driver was pretty much a failure. Not many tour pros still use it. I like a more traditional head, but just need more MOI, like the FT-9 driver.
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