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  1. not a joke and, in my opinion, not necessarily a bad thing. The employees get fully trained, it's their only job with UPS, and everything is supposed to be built to order. Including paint fills and stamping. People scoff at the idea of UPS employees building their clubs, but is it REALLY a poorer alternative to all the Taylormade and Callaway gear that comes with 'made in china' written all over it?
  2. They certainly pass the eyeball test. Nice looking clubs, would love to see how they perform. I'm excited to see how Hopkins continues to push forward. I work pretty closely with UPS and the impression I get from people throughout the entire company is they are VERY gung ho about their partnership with Hopkins. They seem fully behind Greg Hopkins and are big believers in their Operations partnership.
  3. This might be on the superficial side but Italy's best contribution has been STYLE. Art, Music, Fashion, Cars, Food. For centuries people have been emulating Italy's style and forward thinking aesthetics. Because of the Italians, you, me, and people all over the world are enjoying the finer things in life (and looking better doing it). This includes on the golf course, too. If you want proof, ask Nike Apparel if looking good and performing well go hand in hand. The proof is in the pudding, and they've put a lot of pudding in the bank.
  4. Love the wedge! Looks especially great with the paint fill removed. So Clean!! Looking forward to your review
  5. Nice review Mrs. MBP. quick question: Have you had a chance to test its accuracy against a laser system? Since the watch gives you front/mid/back yardages, it would be a comparison of 'guesstimate' vs. exact yardage but I was wondering if you found that they seem to be reasonably in line with one another. thanks!
  6. Put me down for milled face putters. I've always felt like inserts have a disconnected 'feel' to them. When I switched to a milled face putter, the direct feel and feedback I got from the face made for some improvement in my ability to judge distance particularly on lag puts.
  7. It's not all blue, but there's quite a few people here that I'm sure wish it was
  8. There's a new course (2-3 years young) that my Dad likes to play called Timberstone. Plays pretty wide open, not enough tree growth yet but the greens are all pretty tough. All two-tiered and play smaller than they are. Otherwise I'll probaby spend my Summer playing at Falconcrest and Banbury. That's one of the little known things about Idaho. There aren't a ton of top level golf courses but the few that are here are CHEAP. Both of those courses are around 40 bucks w/o a cart. The same tier of course back in Portland costs 60 and up.
  9. Ha! If there's one thing I've learned about Idaho, you always leave with a story...
  10. Just a small intro. Late 20's duffer (-16 hc right now) who spent his childhood getting lessons from his dad. Lived in Portland for ten years after high school and now back in Boise for a job I recently took. Big fan of MyGolfSpy and looking forward to being part of the forums. -Drisky
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