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  1. Depends on what you want to do. If you're at the stage where you shape / want to shape shots, blades ( higher CG, almost no offset, less bounce )should be your choice. If you want shots that go mostly straight with good distance cavity backed heads are the way to go.
  2. 15% less than listed price of other vendors ( excluding shipping ).
  3. I'm hoping at some point the price of the R9 460 will drop down to $149.99. Need to be patient.....
  4. Push cart... yes! I'd like to play as long as possibly can ( past 60 if possible ) !
  5. I can't remember if these callys take tapered or parallel tipped shafts. Do you know what was used with your set ? Thanks.
  6. Etonics are great! I guess nobody tries them because they're cheap.
  7. Does anybody know a specific vendor where you can get great deals on laser rangefinders ? Thanks !
  8. Too many layers to compress. I'm not sure if my swing can handle the ball.
  9. The 1st Gen AP series apparently has more bounce which makes it a bit easier to hit. Is this so ?
  10. The truth is the pink golf pride grips have the "flash" of Iomic grips.... but at half the price. I think they look cool and based on the slight buzz it's creating, I'm sure others will try it out as well ( if you can find them ). You've seen it on my sticks first.
  11. Nice ! What kind of grind is that ?
  12. When I bring my handicap down to yours, I'll make sure to get a pair as well.
  13. They look great without the iron covers.
  14. They perform very well. The set is 1/2" shorter than standard but I got more distance from them as compared to when it was shafted with NS Pro 950s. Very noticable change in ball flight. I've experimented with a lot of shafts. I like the KBs the best.
  15. Distracts flightmates from my ugly swing.
  16. Extreme milling.... check ! Hopefully they don't chew out the softer balls that are being sold this season.
  17. I like them just fine. I've read somewhere that they're Endo forged. Thanks for the welcome.
  18. Just updated my sig. Thanks for the welcome.
  19. has not set their status

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