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  1. Don't know if my 105 swing speed could compress the core enough. Would try them but they are $15ish a sleeve. Maybe they will do some kind of demo sleeve give-a-way like wilson and cally do.



    Too many layers to compress. I'm not sure if my swing can handle the ball.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. Tim, I have looked at Cobra and Titleist 3 woods but the Adams is working for me and I dont plan on chaning it also cus it is so new to my bag( 5 months). I also have the 1st version of the AP2's, not a huge fan of the new ones. The Cobra has been in my bag for 4 years or so. It could be upgraded but it works for me and I see no need to change it but I was thinking about going to look for a new hybrid. Going to go up to Haggin Oaks in Sacramento and since they have everything there I may see if I can get my hands on a Titleist hybrid.


    The 1st Gen AP series apparently has more bounce which makes it a bit easier to hit. Is this so ?

  3. FT-Tour 10.5 Driver Stock Voodoo

    2 and 3 Diablo Tour Hybrids

    4-PW Diablo forged Irons Proj X 5.5

    50,54,58 X-Forged Wedges Proj X 5.5

    Scotty Cameron Newport Studio Select.


    I played the X-forged last year and had success with them, but I thought I would give the Diablo forged a go this year. I just saw them in person for the first time yesterday and I wasn't too happy with the overall look of the iron. But I guess a little more forgiveness never hurt anyone.


    Too much offset ?

  4. The iron covers offer softest feel ever when it comes to a forged iron. The Pink grips may just be that he like Pink or maybe he supports causes like breast cancer awareness? That's my take on the situation of the pink grips.... the covers well that's my crazy sense of humor. LOL


    The truth is the pink golf pride grips have the "flash" of Iomic grips.... but at half the price. I think they look cool and based on the slight buzz it's creating, I'm sure others will try it out as well ( if you can find them ). ;) You've seen it on my sticks first.

  5. These wedges have some unique grooves. They have different style grooves for the 50 and 52 then the 56 and 58. The 50 and 52 are deeper for more spin and the 56 and 58 are wider for more control around the greens.


    Nice ! What kind of grind is that ?


    Very nice bag, Garaski. How do you like your KBS Tour shafts I see you have shafted in your Epons and GDs? That's one shaft I have been itching wanting to try.


    They perform very well. The set is 1/2" shorter than standard but I got more distance from them as compared to when it was shafted with NS Pro 950s. Very noticable change in ball flight. I've experimented with a lot of shafts. I like the KBs the best.

  7. Garaski very nice bag you have there. How do you like your Epon Irons? I myself would like hit a few of those to compare to say a B-stone iron, like the J33 cb's or now the J38's. I use to play a set of j33's and if I'm correct the Epon's are forged by ENDO correct? I have a hard time answering when some asks which forging house is the best. But if I'm being honest so far my preference is Endo and Chuo. Now I just bought a BN set of 2004 TM "T" stamp blades that are Miura forged so I'm going to be having a shootout of my own this year to see what set of mine makes it in the bag hopefully for a couple of seasons.




    PS: Welcome to MGS!


    I like them just fine. I've read somewhere that they're Endo forged. Thanks for the welcome.

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