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  1. This would be awesome I walk some 200 rounds in the summer in Vermont 36-54 a day! So I’m one of your 4!
  2. Adam Burlington, VT 440 with x-stiff shaft Swing Speed:118
  3. Adam from Vermont Mp-4 with x100 (800 rounds played on them) 3 handicap 29 years old and have played 130 rounds since May!
  4. Adam Berger California/Vermont 3.5 200-300 rounds a year Not currently using a tracking system!
  5. Adam Berger, Burlington Vermont/Stockton CA and a 4 handicap Driver: Srixon Z765 with Xflex Oban Ishawa shaft Woods: ZF65 3wood Irons 3-9 Z795 with x-100 shafts Wedges: RTX-3 in 48,52, 54, 58 all 1 deg strong Putter would be a huntington beach 1 and of course some z-star yellow balls
  6. Adam Stockton, CA and Burlington VT Current setup: Titleist 915 D3 with Tour AD-DI 6x Swing speed is 110-120MPH and carry is 275-285
  7. Adam Stockton CA/Burlington VT Scotty Cameron X7m 35in with Super stroke flatso 1.0 Miss is left Would love to give the MLA Tour Mallet a spin!
  8. Adam California/Vermont 3.0 Currently play a 913h 19deg with steel x100 and sometimes throw a 712u 3iron with x100 in the bag.
  9. Adam - Burlington, VT (but live in Stockton, CA right now) 3- Handicap Currently playing Mizuno MP-4 w. True Temper X100 .75 deg up and +.5inch Custom fit by D'Lance Golf in Denver Colorado
  10. Adam Berger, 26-30 putter per round and live in Northern California Slight Arc Greatest clutch putter to date would have to be Tiger Woods but Jordan and Rory are right behind.
  11. I currently play some 4-6 rounds a week at a private club in Northern California which is where my field testing took place. I am a 3 handicap and play some 200 rounds in the summers on the east coast. I had been playing a Tour AD-DI 6X for the past 2.5 seasons in my Titleist 915/913. First let me start off by saying WOW! I think that best describes my field testing with my Accra Fx370 that I installed into my Titleist 915D3 10.5. Previously I had a Tour AD-DI 6X in there for the past year and before that in my 913D3. However now that I have taken my Accra out its no contest what shaft I should be playing. My ball flight with the AD-DI was fairly line drive with a slight arc no matter my launch angle or angle of attack which was okay for the northeast where you do not get a ton of roll, but was able to keep it on the course most times and out of the wind which was a huge plus. However after making the switch to Accra my ball flight is perfect and slightly higher but more penetrating than the AD-DI not to mention my spin rate is down as well, which was a point of contention with the AD-DI as on perfect hits it tended to generate a little too much spin, the Accra does not over spin on center contact. When I jumped on a Flight Scope for a few swings to compare my Tour AD-DI Avg carry on 6 balls was 280.8 which is pretty average for me as my swing speed ranged between 110-120MPH. But when hitting the Accra my average carry on 6 solid hits was 293.5 and a dispersion of 10 yards L/R as opposed to my AD-DI which had a dispersion of 20 yards L/R of center. The smash factors were nearly identical with a smash factor of 1.49 for my Accra and 1.46 for my AD-DI which lets be fair has lived a great long life (300 rounds or so). All in all I am truly grateful to My Golf Spy and Accra for this opportunity and potentially game changing testing opportunity. I just might have to make the full shift to Accra for my woods and hybrids as they both currently are shafted with Tour AD-DI's. *I apologize to the readers for the lack of photos as the Iphone went down with all my photos and just got it replaced today and traveling for work. Thank you My Golf Spy and Accra
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