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  1. This past few weeks I have had many note worthy shots. My favorite series was when I was playing at my friends bachelor's party golf tournament. It was a 544 par 5. I hit my drive to about 245 to the hole. I hit my 3 wood and stuck it to 4 feet from the hole and tapped in for eagle. My all time favorite bad shot came during a time when I had bad sha... I can't say it! Had them for 3 three years. Anyway, I "toed" it so bad it when straight at the tee marker, and shot back past me to the corn field and hit my friend who was relieving himself. So funny
  2. TIm if you find any magical cure,other then captain and coke and a scratch golf partner, let me know. I am such a head case on the course. My driver is worthless the first 11 holes. I tell myself slow down the swing, "let the club do the work." Then what do I do, swing out of my shoes and I have no idea where the ball is going. I am a head case. The matter between the ears is killing my handicap.
  3. The market is brutal in our area in IA. Many schools are consolidating and and jobs that open, the school absorb it into their system. rough.
  4. Rookieblue- That spot came from trying to take the tape off and i touched it with the tape. I was already on my second attempt so it didn't bother me. Also I didn't realize I grab the gloss paint. However I held it outside, and it wasn't to bad. I will give an update later. Skihippy- I had all intentions to take tons of pics, but as I was in the process, I got caught up and only took a few. Sorry. Stevenhw- I don't know if I have skills yet... we will see after I'm done. Mudfish- I am very fortunate to sub and a school with a advanced shop as that. More pics will be up early next week.
  5. Finally I have a chance to sit down and share my journey. It has been a long week without my driver but, it will be all worth it. Sunday- I was out of town and I wanted to start working on my driver the next day. So I had my brother take my driver to the local pro shop. I wanted them to take the shaft off because I didn't feel comfortable doing this part. Monday- They didn't have the head of yet, they told me to come back later. Since I couldn't get my driver right away I went to pick up the other supplies for the project. Masking tape $2, electrical tape $3, acrylic paint $6, and paint thinner $5. So $16 total. After I got the driver back I snapped some before pictures: Thursday-Big day has arrived. I finally had a day off to work. I went to a school and got to work. I first bead blasted everything of the head. The black came off very simple with the beads, it was a lot of fun. Here a few pictures with all the black off the club: Since I got carried away with the bead blasting I had to re-polish the underside of the club. This took a great deal of sanding with wet 800 grit sand paper. Not even P90X can bring the pain like this brought. After an hour of sanding I had it looking and feeling smooth. Then I took a disc grinder with a buffing pad, adding some rubbing solution and buffed the bottom to a nice shine. Here is a picture afterwards: Now I was ready to make the magic happen. I taped off the bottom of the club with masking tape. I used the electrical tape to give me the lines, this elasticity of this tape made it easy to follow the existing lines as a guide. I then took the club to get powder coated. Simple process of spraying powder onto the top of the club head. The hardest part was to take the tape off without messing up the coating. It took me two tries to get it right. I then put the club into the hot box for 45 mins and prayed it would look right. 45 mins later I opened up the door and this is how it turned out: Sorry for not taking more, I was in a rush to get the shaft on so I could use it. It will be a few days before I get the finished product up. I am excited to see what it will look like in the end
  6. Thanks for the tips, I will have sit and fiddle with it. I will put up pics and updates after my night class!
  7. Recently I decided that I needed to make a change in my life, more so, my golf bag. I want a new driver. I love my current driver (Cleveland HiBore). It's old and loyal, it puts the ball out there, most the time. After going to my local golf shop many times and looking at the R11's, I started wanting one. Blame it on the new white paint or the new driver smell, I wanted it. One issue, I am a Substitue Teacher and the income is low, and my allowance from the wife is even lower. So I needed to find a solution for me to get a new driver. After a little bit of thinking I came up with an idea, I was going to give my current driver a face lift. I am going to paint the HiBore white, this will give me that "new driver" feeling, but at a fraction of the cost. Then I will paintfill all the lines with a purple and yellow scheme for my alma mater, the University of Northern Iowa. Since this is the first time I have ever modified a club, I decided that I will let you readers come along with me on my journey. I will give everyone the play by play with pics as the story unfolds. Once I figure out how to get pictures from camrea to this forum I will get to the details. For now, keep watching for future posts... Note to readers, I am 4 days into the Journey, once I get time, I will catch everyone up on how this week has been...
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