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  1. Imagine how much ass he gonna get there!!!! lmfao!!!!!
  2. i like it alot! it looks sick! Just wanna swing it now!
  3. I need these so bad! Great contest!
  4. I have tried the Nike one, Nike tour one d, Nike mojo, titlest nxt extreme, Nxt tour and now I play Titlest Pro v-1 lol
  5. I had a Odyssey sabertooth and loved it , I was lights out with it, so why change right? I got so hyped up on the ghost i went and bought it i played with for 10 rounds and I couldnt get used to how heavy it is.. I would over shoot the cup almost everytime, I just could not get a feel for it, while i love everything about it, i can not get used to it. so now im back to my sabertooth and back putting well.. Although now im looking at a Scotty Cameron newport 2 lol Like i said i love it but i cant use it... On the other side i have a friend who has it he loves it and putts very well with it, So to each his own!
  6. Not a fan of this one at all, and i have the ghost (mallet) ...... lol
  7. I have both the s2 and the ZL drivers I love the cobra line of drivers...FYI Golf Galaxy has the S2 for 200..
  8. I have to agree i always disliked nike clubs, until recently, theyve really stepped their game up..
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