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  1. I used to play the J36s also. Great Irons and little known.
  2. Do you have an extra Speeder shaft laying around?
  3. How do you like the Fubuki FW shaft?
  4. TM SuperDeep 8.5deg Exotics XCG 13deg Mizuno MP-CLK 20deg TM RAC TP 2005 4-9 Vokey Spin Milled 48, 51, 55, 61 TM Kia Ma Fontana
  5. They are a solid club maker. For long drive though, the leader currently I think is Adams with the 9032LD or 9064LD.
  6. I recently got the 8.5 with the ALPHA 70x. Love it.
  7. Did not realize they made drivers.
  8. RyGuy

    Kia Ma

    I recently purchased a Kia Ma Fontana, and was wondering a good corresponding grip for it?
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