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  1. David Stucky - Vienna, VA (DC area) I’ve been using the Garmin Approach S60 for 3 seasons now so I’m very familiar w gps watches and their functionality.
  2. SirBigSpur06


  3. Hello MGS'ers - Some background history: About 3 years ago, I lost control of my driver entirely. No matter how well I was hitting other clubs, I could not hit the driver. Every shot would either be a high weak slice or a low snap hook (it got so bad that I nearly missed the ball once and it just dribbled off the tee.... yikes). I'm a 15hcp and my standard shot shape is a draw w/ my standard miss being a hook. Driver is literally the ONLY club in my back I slice... and slice it I do! I switched to 3W off the tee and got really proficient with it (distance range is probably b/w 240-260yds). It also gave me back confidence on the tee box (it was getting to the point where I contemplated quitting the game b/c it wasn't fun anymore). I haven't hit driver off the tee since then (give or take a few times randomly when I was testing to see if i could get it back). I've shot some solid scores using only 3W off the tee, but I know I'm leaving strokes out there by sacrificing distance and I'm capping my ceiling as a player. Earlier this fall, I had been playing poorly and wasn't hitting the 3W very well so I decided to just play the driver for the hell of it... and actually started crushing it. Shot my best round of the year with an 80 (could have been lower if I'd made a few more putts) and was over the moon... thought I had found my driver again. Wrong. Next round I played I was back to my old ways slicing the hell out of it. To add insult to injury, I was now hitting my 3W poorly too. So w/o the 3W safety blanket I used to have, I decided that this is the year that I get my driver back for good. I know it's POSSIBLE for me to really hit it well, evidenced by that round in the fall, so I just need to figure it out (some of it's probably mental too). So, all that to say: has anyone on this forum had a similar issue with driver and if so what are some tips you'd give to help me get it back. I don't have a TON of practice time available so when I do get to the range, it would be great to practice with a purpose instead of just banging ball after ball. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  4. 1) 33 2) 100mph 3) Snell MTB I previously tested the Snell MTB for MGS (and it made me switch my ball)... so I might be able to offer a unique perspective.
  5. This is my first review for MGS and I have to say I was truly excited to be selected to test out these golf balls... especially after reading MGS' review of them and the comparison of these (amongst other "no-name" golf balls) against the big boys. That said, here are my first impressions (*Warning* brutal honesty): 1. I don't love the name "Snell" or the logo. Unlike most premium golf balls, the logo seems large on the ball itself. That and the font used make me think "cheap" at first... 2. While I totally appreciate the thought, the hat that came with the package was ugly and I'll certainly never wear it. I dislike the hat b/c it's made a an odd material (semi-mesh), has white contrast stitching (never looks good) and again, the logo is ugly IMHO. 3. The packaging is similar to all other golf ball companies (4 sleeves side-by-side) so nothing good nor bad there. 4. The ball feels amazing in my hands. Feels extremely soft (the urethane cover) and indistinguishable from two other premium balls in my bag (Pro V1x and TM Lethal). 5. The dimple patterns of all three balls are slightly different... I believe they have been patented, which would make sense. It remains to be seen what affect that will have on the actual performance of the ball. 6. Nothing about this ball has led me to believe that it will not perform at the level of other premium tour balls. I would feel confident putting this in play without even knowing how it performs.
  6. David Stucky Northern VA (DC Area) 13.4 hcp 20 rnds per year Typically purchase balls online (e.g. through Amazon) or purchase at course pro shops
  7. David Stucky 34.5 putts per round (according to TheGrint.com) From (and live in) Northern Virginia, but play in and around the DC area Slight Arc Gotta be Tiger for me, but if Jordan can keep it up, he's on pace to be just as clutch.
  8. Can't wait for this tournament. Such a cool course. I like the tradition of the old-school courses like Pinehurst and Oakmont and Marion, but it's a nice change of pace to see a relativley new, public course get the US Open. I also love that it's on the west coast... makes TV broadcase much better for east coast viewers. Might go into prime time Saturday and Sunday nights!
  9. Thanks for that detailed response! I also noticed that I need to change the WIMB signature as I've definitely changed clubs a bit since i last updated it. I hear what you're saying about the stock shafts in GI irons, and that's definitly a concern I have. One thing I've always struggled with was what flex my shafts should be. My swing speed puts me right on the fence b/w R and S, but the first time I got evaluated for a driver at a Golf Galaxy years ago, they told me I needed S flex, so I've kept with that ever since. I've certainly hit with some buddies' clubs that have R shafts and have hit them well, but what I'm trying to avoid is having a bunch of different flex shafts in my bag (b/c i'm not really looking to drop the $$ on a full bag shaft overhaul at this point). Another thing that worries me somewhat about switching to GI is the increased offset. My typical ball flight is a draw and my bad shots tend to either be a hook or block. I bought a GI hybrid last yr (Cobra Baffler T-Rail) and couldn't stop hooking it for the life of me (hence the subsequent purchase of the Pro A12 - which is an incredible and totally underrated club IMO). The CMBs are only my second set of irons ever (and really my first GOOD set... the previous ones were total crap) so I've kind of honed a swing that takes into account the minimal offset. I'd prefer not to have to retrain myself, but would be willing to so if it's going to be better in the long run. I can tell you, I'm probably not the type of player who should be bagging CMBs... I don't work the ball or bomb it... I think i was sold by how purrrty they are ha. And man are they sweet when you're flushing them!
  10. Driver: Taylormade R1 Black, 11.25o, 3o closed, draw bias, Adlia RIP stiff, Winn Dry-tac 3 Wood: Nike VRS, 15o , Fubuki stiff, GP NDMC Hybrid: Adams Pro A12, 20o , Adlia RIP stiff, GP Z-Grip Patriot Irons: Adams CMB, 4-PW, KBS C-Taper, GP NDMC Gap: Cleveland CG14, slate , 52o , GP Z-Grip Patriot Sand: Titleist Vokey SM4, Oil can finish, 56o , GP Z-Grip Patriot Lob: Nike VR Pro forged, 60o , GP Z-Grip Patriot Putter: Never Compromise Sub 30 type 10, SuperStroke Slim (blue) Ball: Taylormade Lethal, Practice edition (can get these on Amazon for half the price of the 'real' ones) Glove: FJ Spidr 2 Bag: Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Let me know what ya'll think. Also, I'm debating switching out the Adams CMBs for something more game-improvement. Don't get me wrong, they're fantastic clubs when your striking it well, but I probably don't play enough to take full advantage and would like to hit the ball decent on days when my swing isn't totally there... essentially looking for more forgiveness. Also, the C-Taper shafts are great, but are stiffer than a normal 'stiff' I feel (more like an x-stiff)... this might be the bigger problem for me. Let me know if you have any suggestions on a replacement set... I've tried the TM Speedbladz and really like them, but I've heard great things about the XHots and Bios too. Also, not sure if anyone knows the best way to make this switch as financially friendly as possible, please inform me!... I've sold clubs on ebay before w/o an issue so I'm thinking of just listing the irons and seeing what they fetch and then covering the differnece myself (hopefully i can find the new set on ebay too for a better price than at retail). Thanks!
  11. Grew up in McLean, live in Arlington now.
  12. Nice review Rick! I purchased the Bushnell Neo+ GPS watch earlier this year and absolutely love it! You mention that a problem was the glove pressing buttons accidentally and changing holes on you... but it looks like one of the features is auto-hole recognition... does it not automatically find the correct hole w/o you having to change it manually? I know the Neo+ watch does this. The Neo+ does not have distance to hazards (which would be nice sometimes)... how does that functionality work on the Neo X?
  13. I'm new to the MGS Forum, but have been reading the blog for quite some time. Love the site for it's objective reviews (not ad-induced subjectivity like many of the other big name sites out there). Been playing this game for about six years now after starting late(-er than most) in my mid-20s and have become what my wife would term "obsessed". Still griding, but getting better every year. Looking forward to discussing this great game with everyone.
  14. I think I embody the spirit of Cobra/Puma in that I'm willing to try new things with an open mind and not necessarily dismiss a product or idea just because it goes against the establishment. When Puma came out with golf apparel I bought a polo, not because Rickie was wearing it or because it was different, but because it was the best (IMO) golf shirt technology on the market at the time (I'm usually a Nike loyalist when it comes to apparel... and for good reason, they make some great stuff). The Puma shirt was as good as anything I'd ever tried and the cut fit my body the best (I wish more companies would use the same cut!). I'll be honest though, I do also like the bright colors and new age look of Cobra/Puma's clubs... I recently bought the 2012 Baffler 3H and love it... the bright yellow grip is a nice touch too. I'd love to assist in testing out the new Amp Cell irons as I'm currently in the market for a new set and they were already on my list to try out. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest. Handicap - 18
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