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  1. Ted/ Newmarket, NH At home during the offseason a couple times a week for about 30 minutes with PuttOut. During the golf season, about 20 minutes on the practice green before playing. 1 to 2 three putts per round Simulation capability in a small space one of the reasons I can’t do a full sized indoor simulator. Also the ability to vary slopes to practice those left to right breaking putts.
  2. Ted / New Hampshire 11.8 Wilson Staff Tour FG2 152 yards
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to share the deal I got on the Evnroll ER3 WingBlade. Retailmenot.com has a 20% off coupon online good for today. Evnroll is not excluded from the coupon and I got the ER3 for $263.20 plus Free shipping. Hope this helps someone!
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    Still available?
  5. Thank you for the opportunity!!! The annual quest to knock out my Tour Edge CB3 Tour 13* as the longest club in my bag continues! Handicap = 13 State = New Hampshire, USA Swing Speed/ Carry = 102/230 Preferred Model = F7+
  6. I'm in for Yahoo or DraftKings. Either one is fine but one big group would be best.
  7. Looks like there's a new gadget called the ClubHub on kickstarter that does shot tracking AND swing analysis, not just for range sessions but for the whole round. I'm not sure I'd spend the early bird $399 for the 14 sensors but the single sensor "Range Pack" for $49 may be the best bargain out there (provided it does what is says and is accurate). It records data for club head speed, face angle, angle of attack, tempo, and transition angle. Any thoughts on how it could compare to the Most Wanted List?
  8. Read this the other day researching it some. Looks like it's not worth it. http://golf-patents.com/wilson-golfs-driver-vs-driver-contest-the-fine-print-police-why-you-would-have-to-be-an-idiot-to-enter-this-contest/
  9. I knew Sergio was done once I heard him complain. This tournament reminds me of the complaining about Pebble Beach a few years ago (with the Poa Annua). Seems to me DJ likes the west coast greens tho
  10. I have been looking for a fairway wood so this would be a opportunity! I'm a 12.0 handicap. I don't really have a true fairway wood in my bag. My fairway wood is a Tour Edge CB3 Tour 13* with Voodoo XVS7 shaft and is mostly used as a mini driver (barely used off the deck). And I have a 17* Adams 9031 Pro Black hybrid with Voodoo XNVS that I guess I consider my fairway. Thanks for the chance!
  11. I've heard they're pretty quick to respond. Time will tell I guess.
  12. Weather here in NH is definitely not helping either. It looks like a cool little app. Just wish I didn't have to wait 3 months to use it.
  13. Just wanted to share a deal, the Mobitee Golf Assistant (premium version) is a FreeAppADay featured app for iPhone. It looks pretty awesome. It's a GPS, Rangefinder, scorecard, virtual coach, and more. I have not used or signed up for it yet so I can't speak for it's accuracy/ease of use/etc but it's regularly $24.90 (according to the Mobitee website www.Mobitee.com) so I downloaded it for when golf season arrives. Here's the iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobitee-golf-assistant/id330292852?mt=8&ls=1 Hope this is useful to someone
  14. I'm currently gaming the Wilson FG Tours and love them!
  15. Found it! All good! Thanks for the input!
  16. I currently play MacGregor VIP 1025CM's. I definitely want to get fit as I've never been "fit" by a professional. I've been checking eBay to see if it or others like it pop up but nothing yet. I've called the courses I've played in the last week and nothing yet. I'm pretty bummed but at the same time would like to test out some new stuff. When does the new stuff come out typically?
  17. Well, as the title states, I lost my 8 iron. I was due for a new set of clubs as these are 8 years old. Should I just jump into something cheap for the rest of the summer and wait for the new stuff or just get fit now with the best available for me? It also comes at the worst time cuz I'm in a tournament next Monday. Let me hear you suggestions. Thanks!
  18. I'm in but my .gif wasn't loading right either. EDIT>>>got it working
  19. I love them....everything about them!
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