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  1. Awesome post and I agree 100%. I like this forum, though I don't post much. due to the subjective and constructive reviews. It makes a nice change form blatant cosying up to the OEMs in order to get a shedload of freebies. Thanks for sticking to your guns and giving the readers some real information for a change.
  2. Looks like a bargain to me if anyone is the market for a good value flatstick http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/T-P-Mills-Spalding-TPM-5-Putter-/160492211446?pt=UK_SportsLeisure_Golf_GolfClubs_JN&hash=item255e14ccf6
  3. The Emperor has some new clothes....you can't beat the original imo. Too much going on with that one for my tastes.
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