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  1. A button fly PutterShoe ..very cool There is a reason why they are called Bestgrips..because they are. Good job Harry
  2. Plus if you order one this week from me.. I will send you a new Byron hat..
  3. Looking good..Hope you are putting well
  4. I can`t really say on this one.. It will be another welcome addition to our lineup
  5. Ok.. 99 percent sure what this one will look like. Byron was talking about this for a couple of years
  6. I am for sure. This has been talked about for a long time..
  7. Byron just posted this one.. I am in love.. I need one like that
  8. Here is another one.. It comes with a DH-89 plumbers neck. I really like this putter
  9. Check these out.. They are all for sale
  10. This was from the mixer.. I thought I would share the interview Dave interviewed Byron As promised, during the Mixer I sat down with Byron to pose to him the questions that were submitted by you... I hope that you enjoy the read. Question: Byron, I played in a Tarheel Tour event last week with a kid who played on the PGA Tour last year. He was putting with a Scotty Cameron GSS Newport-2, but he spent half the round asking me about my DH89 - who made it, where did I get it, that thing is sweet looking, etc. Is that as cool to you as it is to me? Byron: That is really great
  11. The spuds have straight shafts and no offset
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