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  1. I have a feeling the number I pick will be chosen already so I'll pick a few in order in case my first pick is already taken so take the first one that is available please. Thank you. First pick: 439 Second: 87 Third:317 Fourth: 37
  2. I has a Nike Pro Combo utility hybrid and couldnt hit it worth a damn. I love the look of these types of hybrids but just wish I could hit them.
  3. His role modeling just keeps getting worse.
  4. I'd buy one if it still had the croc head on it no seriously I would
  5. I like the graphic of the Vizor logo to start out with. The size of the putter doesn't look oversized either which is good. It look s so far like a mid sized mallet type of putter but you never know
  6. meyer7001

    Nike Method

    AM I the only one that thinks this is one of the harshest putters out there in terms of feel? I prefer a soft putter than hard and the Method just feels like I am putting with a rock flite every time. I thought the Unitized series had good feel to it compared to this new offering.
  7. The Seemore putters had an extremely good feel to them without an insert. I tried one of these putters out the other day and I do not prefer the insert feel at all. The heads seem a little lighter as well. The FGP is still one of the best Seemore has made and will stay one of the best and a part of history too (Payne Stewart in 99)
  8. That Byron Morgan rack in the picture of the three with the longboards as a backboard is just awesome. I love that design the best by a lot. You do some amazing work.
  9. If they didn't want them to show up on the list then why not tell them in the first place?
  10. The left one is very bad looking and the one on the right has already been on a driver already i think. So I say no to both.
  11. Looks like it could be a solid driver but unless it separates itself somehow from every other driver, they won't sell too many and it will become a very cheap club on ebay or clearance sites. I don't think investing in drivers is a good idea for Wilson. They need to stick to irons, hybrids, and wedges and bring down the intense club graphics.
  12. This is one of the best golf bag inventions I have ever seen. I still think people don't care enough about their irons and clubs to buy it. This will definitely make a good splash in the market though.
  13. I have heard rumors that the Japan model already out has a hard feeling to it. But if these irons are soft the way forged irons should be, then I'd be interested. I think i'll only hit them and move on to the Adams CB1s:wub:
  14. Adams is just a good a company as Taylormade, Callaway, and Titleist. They make the #1 hybrid and have had plenty of good drivers and irons as well. As for these CB1's...I'll be buying a set within the year hands down. They're that good coming from a Mizuno iron guy.
  15. I do not think this is the future of putting. Unless everyone learns how to fit themselves to their own putting stroke this will never catch on. It will be a gimmick for the lazy golfer but I think club fitters will be safe with this putter shaft out there.
  16. I wish I hadn't just bought a new driver because this thing looks absolutely awesome. Do we know the head specs on this bad boy?
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