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  1. I own a set of Ping I500's and what I found was that spin changed quite a bit with ball changes. For example, My typical 7 iron spins around 5800-6000, with the i500's and my typical ball (TP5X) my spin rates dropped to around 4800-5000. Huge distance jump because of ball speed increase from the heads and spin decrease, but it was way too much of a jump. Seeing 7 iron going 200 carry was not something I was looking forward to on the course. So I changed to B330, and immediately saw spin jump to 6000+ with the same ball speed and my typical 7 iron was much more playable at 185 carry. The forgiveness is still there, and I have a much more repeatable flight/distance. I saw the same spin numbers with Titleist Pro V1x, Bridgestone b330s etc. Balls that were not playable due to spin drop were like Titleist AVX, Tp5, or TP5x. So I guess what I'm saying here is, don't discount the irons just because of what you read on the forums. Ball choice is key in making these irons do what you want. All my data is from my GCquad, so its as accurate as can be. It took me a week of testing different balls before I had the winning combination.
  2. Kevin from Annapolis Maryland Currently use a Bettinardi Studio 3 mallet Would love to try a exo seven. Ive been a tester at the other site for years, would love to be able to contribute here as well.
  3. I had some time with the Vapor Fly pro yesterday, all I can say is WOW. Possibly may be the one to beat the M1. Time will tell. Need to hit it on GC2. Felt like I could swing the Nike faster, and I enjoyed the feel off the face much more than the M1.
  4. I used to go this route myself. I used a 3 deep for a couple seasons. I found that it fantastic off the tee, and on my good swing days, pretty good off the deck into par 5's. Problem I had off the deck was launch angle. Just not high enough to carry obstacles. So I spent some time with my driver hitting 3/4 shots and knockdowns, got to the point where I didn't really need the 3 deep anymore and moved on to conventional 3 woods again. My gapping is better now, and my ability to go after par 5's with confidence is back. So while I do like those mini drivers, I feel they limit your ability to score.
  5. I have always loved Callaway wedges. I'm in the market to replace my SM5's and the MD3's along with the SM6's are on the radar.
  6. What's up guys, just wanted to share some info on some testing I have been doing lately in regards to driver. Little background on myself. Swing speed 110-115 Ball speed 160-165 Always been a relatively low spin player, 5* positive attack angle, and generally play a fairly straight ball. Driver is one of my best clubs in the bag. I am a certified club fitter but don't actively fit people much anymore. Just too much going on in my life right now. But that does give me everything I need to fit myself which I do throughout the year. I have a GC2, and use Pingnflight software. Here have been the contenders so far this year, just started this new campaign about 2 weeks ago. Taylormade M1 430 8.5 Rogue 70x Ping G LS Tec 9* Tour 65x Callaway XR Pro Rogue 60x So far what I have found is the M1 is a beast of a driver. It has routinely provided me the longest drives, consistent spin, and forgiveness out of any of the drivers tested to this point. Here are my averages M1 carry distance 276, spin 1800 launch with it set at 10.5 has been 15*, overall distance average 296 Callaway XR Pro 9* set at 10* carry distance 268, spin 2050, launch 15*, overall distance average 291 Ping G 9* carry distance 262, spin 2600, launch 15*. Overall distance average 286 The big shocker to me was the Ping G, I had very high hopes for this club, and while every once in a while I would get a 16* launch paired with a 1600 spin that produced 304 yard drives, there were just too many that spun upwards of 2800 that just killed my carry and overall numbers. The XR Pro was my gamer from last season. The M1 has been the most consistent performer so far by a long shot. My plans are to put the Callaway DBD 816 and the Nike Vapor Fly Pro against the M1 coming up in the near future. I will keep this post going as I test different clubs, or possible shaft changes. I have a Graphite Design Tour Ad BB6x, Diamana W60x, and a Possible HZDROUS 62x in route. If anyone has a questions, let me know. I have already tested the M1 with the BB, but not enough to post numbers quite yet.
  7. I would love to test this driver. As a long time equipment tester for other sites, and being I own a GC2 and can provide real data, this is a perfect scenario. Kevin K Edgewater Md Taylormade M1 8.5 set to 10.5 Aldila Rogue 70x Average carry distance 278 measured on GC2 and Pingnflight
  8. Driver: Ft9 Tour fubuki 63X Fairway: Diablo fubuki 63x Hybrid: Adams 20* 9031 altus x Irons: 4-pw Taylormade R9 tp's KBS +1/2" Wedges: Callaway Vintage X forged 54/58 Putter: Circa 62 #2, Odyssey #9, Rife Barbados Distances: Driver: 295 3 Wood: 265 Hybrid: 245 4: 220 5: 205 6: 190 7: 175 8: 165 9: 155 pw: 145 54: 125 58: 115
  9. Just picked up a 10.5 Superdeep with a tour issue 80s Rip green eyes shaft, should be a sick combo, and all for $155
  10. Only trades considered are supertri shafts (aftermarket) or 9064ls xstiff I have a perfect 241 feedback rating on Ebay and also I am part of many other forums, perfect feedback with them also, please dont hesitate to make offers, Putter pics have a bit of sand on it, and driver pics have some lint. Thanks
  11. Callaway Ft Tour 9.5 with Fujikura Motore F1 75X 45" includes headcover, excellent condition, shaft was just installed, new black/white multicompound, mid launch, low spin bombs, $250 shipped, or I can install the stock VooDoo SVS6 for $200 shipped USPS priority mail. Callaway Vintage 60* Jaws wedge, used for 1 round, mint condition, all stock, $70 shipped USPS priority mail. Scotty Cameron Studio Select 2.7 34" with custom dark stainless finish, blacked out Pingman grip, no headcover, $175 shipped USPS priority mail.
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