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  1. I'm of the same mind as Undershooter30, I don't pay much attention to how much of my thumb is touching the grip. If I'm focusing and working on my grip though, I make sure that my left thumb is more or less working as a support at the top of my back swing- but that's about it.
  2. Is anyone using any specific drills in the off season to sharpen their game? What are they, I'm trying to bulk up my arsenal? I've got a balance issue (even when I'm sober) so I'm going to religiously implement a couple balance drills into my practice routine.
  3. That is a great looking bag. Love the alligator in the logo, sharp.
  4. I was expecting a few "revealing" photos, so disappointed
  5. I agree with everyone, especially sp0rtsfan86's putter throw... You have to time the release so you don't hook it into the lake- seen it happen. Tragic, very tragic, and funny. Being able to accept bad shots is part of improving your game to the next level but it's easier said than done. One process I've heard that works pretty well is chunking 18 holes into six, three hole groups. That way you're not focused on the 18 hole outcome but rather just three. And you get to start fresh every three holes. Another process is to turn your round into a fun game- play with a half set of clubs,
  6. I was introduced to mygolfspy by none other than the infamous GolfSpy MBP! He's told me nothing but good things about the crew on here and I look forward to contributing my fair share of BS. I'm obsessed with golf and everything it brings and I look forward to commiserating about all of it with you. I realized I jumped the gun and started posting already. Anyway, aloha! (I'm not from Hawaii, only pretending)
  7. I'm with Mr_Theoo, I'm back at the gym. Over the winter the goal is to produce some explosive strength and endurance as opposed to building up on size. I've developed a lovely "title belt" thanks to the summer beer that was consumed. As for the golf itself, I'm going to sit back and assess each area of my game and put in some very specific range/putting green time based on what my assessment brings about. To add to that I'm going to focus on getting back to the basics- posture, grip, ball position, and basic drills to fine tune the swing. Just writing this brings a tear to my eye know
  8. I like the idea behind this. It reminds me of a drill where a water bottle is placed inside the hole and it gives a better sense of a target. The problem I see with the device is that it's not a training tool per se it's more of a feedback tool. Good write up!
  9. Great legs Dan... and great review. When I first saw this product I thought it was just a novelty putting aid.
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