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  1. Dan from Florida. Cart Golfer Callaway Cart Bag - old C14, I believe - with the " Strap Bite Technology" that didn't work Would love to test the Sun Mountain C130 !
  2. Hey Folks: Looking for a unique gift for the golfer? That's not another boring necktie? Check out : "Tee Ceremony: A Cosmic Duffer's ™ Companion to the Ancient Game of Golf" by Dan Camilli Have a "Look Inside" this "funny yet thought-provoking" book at Amazon. Also available at barnesandnoble Through 18 Holes (chapters) Dan Camilli uses cartoons, quotes from Buddha to Bagger Vance and presents humorous descriptions of connections between golf and philosophy. Topics such as selecting golf partners, driving distance liars, putting, cigars and the value of walking the course are all examined in a light-hearted yet thought-provoking way. "The Cosmic Duffer ™ knows that golf offers a transformative experience. It's an exquisitely simple yet complex game- an 18 hole drama-complete with plots and subplots. Yet the hero and the villain are always the same person- YOU." "Funny, informative, irreverent, and thought-provoking, Dan Camilli's "Tee Ceremony" brings a philosopher's sensibility to this mystical game." May Santa bring you the short game of your dreams. Happy Holidays!
  3. Methinks you're going to love this ball....I even managed to play nine holes in rainy weather the other day and it performed great! Please do check back to this thread and post your experience with the ball. Cheers.
  4. As you can discern from my introductory comments; I am a senior player with a slower swing speed. Consequently I wouldn't have any idea at what swing speed point this ball ceases to perform. LOL All I can say is that it does indeed perform for me; longer, straighter with less spin off the big Dawg driver and considerable feel and even a goodly amount of "drop and stop" on the greens. I even tested it in torrential rain the other day and it performed remarkably well. However you or someone else with a faster SS may wish to test out the Super Soft, Wilson Staff Duo and Fifty Elite along with perhaps the DT So/LO and provide a review of their performance when compared to each other. Would make for an interesting review/thread that even those with slower swing speeds may enjoy. I know that I'd be interested in knowing how these low compression balls perform for you.
  5. You're welcome, SMRT....please do check back and let us know how that senior player likes this golf ball. You might also want to tell him/her that a still less expensive ball which is very soft and very responsive is the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite (50 compression) that goes for about 12 bucks per dozen - and IMO putts better than the Duo....but seriously, for 20 bucks a box this guy/gal can't go wrong with the Callaway Super Soft which I consider to be the best all around performer in the low compression ball market... Fairways and Greens..
  6. Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball Review By Stogiesnbogies FYI: I am a senior player with an 85-90 Max swing speed; a 15-17 handicap who plays senior flex shafted clubs. I hit my average drives between 180-200 yards and max out under ideal conditions with a very rare 220 yard "bomb". Callaway has produced the lowest compression ball on the market here with a 38 rating. In contrast the Wilson Staff Duo, it's nearest competitor has a 43 compression; the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite at 50, while the Titleist DT So/Lo checks in at 72. (FYI: All slower swing players; perhaps the reason that the Pro V1X does nothing for you or me has something to do with its 102 compression rating!) In addition to it's softest compression which enhances direction and distance (as well as feel off the club) Callaway has produced a soft, responsive cover. The soft core and soft cover combine with HEX aerodynamics to produce a golf ball that reduces spin and adds distance. I absolutely love this ball as it combines the best aspects of both the Wilson Staff Duo and the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite without any of their liabilities. For example the Callaway Super Soft has great distance like the duo but much better feel off the putter. I find the super soft to be straighter and consequently a tad longer than the Fifty Elite as well. It performs great around the greens with approach shots that sit and pitches and chips that run true. It feels and sounds great off of all club faces. It has proven to be quite durable as well as I played 2 full rounds with one ball and it still looks fine; no scuffs, scratches or cuts. Callaway definitely has a winner here for a large piece of the golfing market- namely seniors, most women and others with slower swing speeds. It is available in white or yellow (I tested white) and is well priced at 18 -20 dollars per dozen much like its market competitors, the Wilson Staff Duo and Titleist DT So/Lo. All good balls but I'm bagging the Callaway Super Softs Now!!
  7. I assume that you meant Ashton Cabinet....a good smoke indeed...however like all Ashtons , rather over priced, eh? LOL IMO, Ashton, Fuente and Avo are all good quality smokes that are overpriced....your thoughts?
  8. Righto.....exploring new blends and blenders is much of the enjoyment of being a Brother Of The Leaf!
  9. Ave Maria is something of an under the radar quality smoke. Oliva's are good and reasonably priced for the most part....like the G Series...and the V Classic Blends are usually worth the extra money as well. Almost anything Alec Bradley blends turns to gold....but alas, don't care much for anything from Punch BTW: I have a Ruination that's been sitting in my humi for sometime....just may need to spark it up this Sunday while watching NFL.
  10. A Favorite cigar is a bit like a favorite wine or favorite beer....really depends on any number of variables. I prefer to refer to several "go-to " cigars which are all favorites depending on mood and circumstance. I separate "go-to" cigars from golf gars as they tend to have distinctly different purposes. A "go-to" cigar is one that you focus upon exclusively and savor while sitting with a beverage while a golf gar is pleasant but not obtrusive. Go-To: Mild to medium: Perdomo Champagne, Perdomo lot 23 natural, Casa Torano, Alec Bradley Star Insignia, Family Blend and American Blend, Rocky Patel The Edge, Romeo & Julietta Reserva Real, Montecristo White Label, San Cristobal Elegancia, Padron anniversary series... Golf gars: Patel Edge Light, 5 Vegas Gold or Classic, 5 Vegas Gold maduro , Hoyo De Monterrrey Excalibur, and yes , even Macanudo makes a fine golf gar -especially for early morning tee times on a partially empty stomach! This is a partial list but hopefully provides some indication of my cigar preferences.
  11. On -until the cigar warms the glue making it less likely to rip the wrapper leaf.....I also enjoy looking at the cigar band artwork while smoking them.
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