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  1. Played today at Crystal Woods in Woodstock, IL with my friend Eric (who was supposed to join Matt and I at Chalet, but called into work instead). Righted the ship somewhat with a 86. Didn't putt well, but I hit my driver straight and my irons were very solid today. 10/13 fairways hit and 6 GIR's.

  2. I got to play with A2G again today at Chalet Hills in Bufu, IL. Unlike last time, I brought a little bit of game with me. Shot a 10 over 83 which included 4 penalty shots incurred from the tee (the course, as Blaine will attest, can be borderline ridiculous off the tee) and many burned edges (including a birdie putt on 4 that was halfway down). I hit 6 GIR's, got up and down 5 times, and had 7 one-putts. My iron play was better than it's been all year, which was the biggest thing for me. As I said to Blaine, "It's like the fact that I practiced the last 2 days made me better." Something to think about...


    Matt played GREAT. Any other course in this area and it would have been a round in the 70's. Iron play was solid and his putting was ridiculous. It was a sight to see.


    As for me, I played Chalet at the behest of a friend although it's a course that doesn't suit my eye and quite honestly plays with my head. Many bad rounds there. This round was no different - shot a brutal 101 and uncharacteristically lost my cool and my confidence on the back nine. There was one nugget - nearly Eagled out on the Par 4 5th which is the #1 handicap hole. Pured a hybrid from 205 yards out to about six inches. Best shot of the year so far. This game drives you crazy sometimes.

  3. I won my division in our Club Championship last weekend! Played the 49-Under Handicap Division. Played as an 8.0, which was the low handicap, and shot 80-79. Was 1 stroke back after the first day, but took the lead after 1 on the 2nd day, and held it, to win by 3.


    It was the two best consecutive competitive rounds I've ever played. I've scored better before, but for the way the course was set up and the way I managed my rounds, it was the best. 80-79 with no lost balls, and nothing worse than a bogey (only 1 birdie).


    I am absolutely THRILLED right now, although I may have partied a little too hard for a Sunday last night!


    Nicely done Tyk!

  4. I shot a personal best nine hole score of 39 on my Dad's Texas country club course on Father's Day. We were playing a skins game and I took money off everybody. That was a good day. :D

  5. Shot a season low nine hole round of 42 at Pinecrest CC today. My putting fundamentals had gotten sloppy and I switched back to a reverse overlap putting grip which has made all the difference in the world.


    I'm also digging the new irons. I have to focus a little more - especially when hitting the long irons. But, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  6. I am considering a long putter.



    and bowling.



    "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering" - Yoda.

  7. Saturday I shot 91 without hitting more than a handful of iron shots into the air (it was really that bad, Blaine will testify)


    You were definitely grinding, but that's what good players do when they don't have their best stuff.


    Did you make it out on Monday? We hit the range over at Randall Oaks at 8AM and they blew the sirens just as I got through a large bucket. It didn't thunderstorm until almost an hour later. I would have been pissed if I were playing because it rained for an hour after that. All those guys with early tee times probably spent half their morning in the clubhouse and then ended up taking rain checks.

  8. Shot 44 on Friday. Shot 91 today, first time over 90 in a long while. I blame Blaine.


    Hopefully tomorrow morning's round will feature fewer ground balls.


    I'll take the blame. It was obvious from observing Matt's swing and especially his length off the tee that he is a much better player than what he showed me today. It probably didn't help that I started praising certain aspects of his game (which got him thinking about good he should be). :D


    As for me, I shot an 88 with a triple and a double on the front. Putted horribly on the front nine and did better in that phase on the back.


    Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing with Matt. Hopefully we can do it again soon (when our schedules permit).

  9. Starting to play a lot, but struggling to round back into form. Shot an 89 last week at Randall Oaks here in the Northwest Suburbs, which is my regular track. Have had a couple of 9 hole rounds in the low forties, but otherwise this season has been pretty forgettable thus far.


    One thing I've figured out this past week is my grip pressure has been way too strong causing a lot of problems including turning my draw into a hook and also a loss in distance. I was hitting the ball a half to a full club shorter and couldn't figure out why until I realized that all that tension was wreaking havoc with my swing.

  10. I am more concerned with position at impact, and ball flight, than position at address. In the old days, toe a little in the air was how we fit for lie angle. Toe up at address was to allow a little toe droop during the swing. We now use a little more sophisticated technology for lie angle fitting....


    That is exactly what he said - toe up at address would result in a level club at impact due to the toe droop. So you validated what he said. Iron shots certainly felt more flush after making that small adjustment.

  11. Nope. You shouldn't feel too bad for him though, his first "real" golf bag had: TM driver, brand new TM irons, Vokey wedges, and a Bettinardi putter. Not exactly like I was handing down pants with holes in them.


    OK, Sactown is dead to me. Would you like to be my brother from another mother? :)

  12. I think Mitsubishi makes some very nice shafts, but you do need to pay attention to whether or not you're getting a true Whiteboard/Blueboard/etc or if you're getting a "made for" shaft. If you like the way it performs, I guess it doesn't really matter, but it is something to consider.


    Good point. The Launcher DST Cleveland just sent me for review says "Mitsubishi Rayon design for Cleveland Golf". I assume that is what you are referring to?

  13. I am from Alberta originally but I now reside in Saskatchewan. Not a lot of people know but Northern Saskatchewan offers some spectacular tracks. Here are a few links to some of my favorites.










    Thanks, I will check those out. To be honest, Saskatchewan isn't the first place I think of when somebody talks golf destinations. But, it would be an interesting trip once you get all of the standard locales out of the way (Arizona, Florida, Myrtle, etc.).

  14. You could probably get set up pretty nicely for under $200.


    Just like stamping, you don't start out on your own clubs. If you're going to start grinding, raid the used wedge bin at a golf store and make a mess of those.


    Very good suggestion. Otherwise, the learning curve could get expensive real quick.

  15. Depends on where you are. You can get good grinders and wheels here at Harbor Freight for cheap. Buffing wheels and stuff too.

    They don't sell skill though, so my grinder collects dust in the garage.

    It anyone needs one...


    Good point. I'm not the handiest person you'll find. I'd probably grind a knuckle off trying to do this...

  16. Nic, that's interesting, I'm completely the opposite. I played the NV in my driver for a bit and I hated it. I didn't think it had much "feel," just extremely boardy. On the other hand, I really liked the Voodoo when I demo'd it. It feels extremely lively, even in the stiff flex, but yet it doesn't perform like a noodle - nice mid/low trajectory. Interesting how different products feel totally different in different hands.


    Yeah, same here. I've found all the NV shafts very board like for their flex - even the NVS. Just not the shafts for me. On the other hand, the Mitsubishi Diamana series which has been making its way into a lot of clubs lately seems to work pretty well.

  17. when you are hitting the face of the club on the toe, the ball should hook if you are releasing the club properly. Standing closer to the ball will encourage the sole of the club to contact the ground TOE first. This should cause the ball to go right. Bending the club upright will only exacerbate the hooking flight. It sounds like you are coming across the ball from out to in with a closed clubface, a recipe for the lefts. How tall are you?


    In my GolfTEC lesson, one of the things that the instructor pointed out was that I shouldn't be addressing the ball without the toe of my iron at least pointing up a little. He had me carry my hands lower at address, which effectively did just that. Do you agree with that? Just curious to get your opinion from a fitters point of view.

  18. Haha. I'm telling you, dollar for dollar, there isn't a better ball. I am really excited about the test though. Gotta get rested so it can get a fair shake. Night all.


    Well... what happened?


    EDIT: Sorry, just noticed you posted an RX review. I will go over and read that...

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