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  1. Boo! That RAZR Fit should have knocked the R9 out by now. Hell, my FT9 could banish your R9 to the back-up bag.
  2. You're right - it's a free country. Nobody is going to tell anyone what equipment they have to play (unless of course you're a pro under contract to an OEM and even then it's a negotiation). I just get concerned when inexperienced golfers or young players come onto this forum, read this stuff, and think it's generally a good idea. I think golf is such a hard game that many that try it ultimately get frustrated and quit which in the end hurts the sport and impacts all of us. That's where I am coming from on this topic.
  3. Couldn't agree more. I play with a friend who games almost an entire set of hybrids. He kicks my ass on a frequent basis. The objective is to put the little white ball in the hole. You don't get style points on your card for playing blades. The game is hard enough. IMHO, "growing into a set" that you're struggling to score with and costing strokes in the process is not playing smart golf.
  4. Going from the game improvement G20 to the S58 or MP33 would be a huge jump. You didn't mention your handicap but I'd consider something in between geared more towards a mid handicap player - perhaps the I20 or mp-58.
  5. Mine wasn't golf related either. A Seiko SKX007 to add to my collection...
  6. I didn't find that to be true, but they were a bit clicky off the putter, which bothered me to the point where I probably don't play them again. They were damn long off the tee though. Among the longest I've tried. I might need to give the E6 another shot.
  7. Can you get the MG's anywhere other than online?
  8. Furyk, Toms, Tiger at the top of the leaderboard. Did I enter a time warp?

  9. I hate when golf instructors take a "one size fits all" approach to instruction. Not every golf swing looks the same and not all golfers look the same. Older golfers have physical limitations that young golfers do not. Also, don't shower me with ten things to work on. Work on one specific aspect or maybe a couple and let's fix that. Hopefully something that can result in a measurable improvement to my game (yes, I know it's a process and you want me to sign up for ten lessons). Then we can move onto something else. Nobody is going to be successful thinking about 10 swing thoughts ove
  10. OK, so he likes kids. I still think he secretly hates dogs and old people. Seriously though, that's a great story and definitely shows a different side of him. Nobody accused the guy of being a monster... and you'd have to be just that to ignore the dying wish of a small child with bone cancer.
  11. I was recently diagnosed with a condition which my doctor thought could be cancer. It ended up not being that, but my whole life and any future experiences I had hoped to have flashed before my eyes. April and part of May was a tough time. Going through something like that and getting a reprieve makes you think about things differently. Nothing upsets me or causes "fear" on the golf course anymore and if I start to feel that way, perspective kicks in and quickly squelches it. Golf has become much more enjoyable as a result and my playing partners have commented on how "level headed"
  12. FreeCaddie Pro (the paid version)... I think they should change the name to PayMeCaddie Pro, but whatever.
  13. Nice one T. I almost spit out my coffee after reading that.
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