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  1. I'm really daft about ball marking, but I just love the ritual of sitting down with a brand new dozen, unpacking them all, and marking them all up in a very specific way. Previously, I've been marking the 1's with 1 dot, the 2's with 2 dots, and likewise the 3's and 4's. Different colours for each number, and 6 marks per ball.


    For my last box though, I've changed my ritual, and am now doing 2 colours, 2 dots, 6 sets per ball. So I'll pick 2 colour pens (different colour pairs per number), say red and black for 1's, blue and orange for 2's, etc, then do a pair of dots, one red, one black, in 6 positions per ball. This is so that there is always one position which is visible on the top of the ball, even if plugged.


    Wow, it actually reads crazier than it actually is. I won't tell you about the chanting I do while marking :lol:


    Anyone know a good OCD consultant/psychiatrist (delete as appropriate)? B)


    i just think you have WAY too much time on your hands. Let me guess - you're single?

  2. I would try this. Adams has been raising their game for a while now.


    My only issue with Adams is that their stuff doesn't hold its value and you end up taking a huge hit upon trade-in or resale when you move onto the next model. But, if you buy pre-owned or after they go on sale, then you're ok.

  3. Some people will buy anything Scotty Cameron, and those are the people that he is pricing them for. But if you think about it, his tiny little putters cost $300, there is a lot more material in the putter cases, so $1000 is that far off by his standards.


    I'm sure it makes perfect sense in Cameron Crazyland but I live in Chicagoland.

  4. Yeah, don't know what's going on with the sole of the club in that first picture. Weirdest thing I've ever seen. But, as others have said, the end result looks real good.


    I'm assuming grinding a wedge isn't clubmakers 101 stuff, right? I'm sure this is something that you wait until you develop some skills in the workshop. If I can make an analogy, you don't start BBQ'ing smoking a Brisket. Its something you work your way up to. Same deal here?

  5. Thanks for the props.


    I do think these cases are cool in that you can adjust them from holding HCs to putters, and I think you can even do a little of both. The thing I don't really get (personally) is the idea of locking them up. I guess some people display their stuff in their office, in which case this makes sense, but if you're that worried about it getting stolen why bring it there in the first place?


    So, when are we going to see pictures of your cases on here?? Come on man, lets see them!

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