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  1. Well, still loving the FT-9. It's consistently 10-15 yards longer than my Cleveland DST with much tighter dispersion.


    Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I don't think I was playing with a stiff enough shaft in the Launcher. But, I also think I was more inconsistent with it because it had a lighter club head and longer shaft. I know that's Cleveland's thing now (lighter weight to generate more club head speed and longer shaft to add distance), but I think it hurt me more than helped.

  2. I hope that this isn't too far OT, & if it is, my apologies, however I just got a call & I have the opportunity to pick up a brand new, never hit FT Tour w/Ozik XCon 6.1 S(I Love this shaft!) for $100...I'm gonna do it just for the shaft, though my Razr Hawk Tour is the back up to my I20...Never hit FT Tour...


    How's it stack up to Razr Hawk Tour?...Thanx much...Fairways & Greens 4ever....


    I think the FT Tour will have a smaller head and more traditional shape. I'd imagine it's a bit less forgiving due to the smaller face and lower MOI but if you're a low handicapper who makes solid contact more often than not then that won't be a concern.

  3. All the clubs can b made perfect if we can hotmelt smthg here n there, put in a 500 bucks shAft lol


    perhaps jst nv like the feel of callaways myself, been alws liking the titleists for "solid" feedback and taylormade for springy clubfaces


    Feel is a very subjective thing. I just thought calling Callaway "junk" was a bit over the top. With that said, I'd never begrudge someone's preference when it comes to brand. My personal distaste for Titlelist and TMag has nothing to do with their clubs but rather with their marketing practices. I don't play their stuff on principle. But, that is my choice. It's great we have so many options as players.

  4. For years I had stayed away from purchasing any Callaway products, which I guess is a little odd considering FIGJAM is my favorite golfer. I think the main reason is their stuff tends to fall on the more expensive side when new and only recently has stuff hit the grey market that I'm interested in.


    One such item was the Callway FT-9 iMIX driver. I recently got a great deal on one with a Grafalloy Axis Blue shaft and took it out today for the first time for 18 holes. All I can say is "Wow". I'm still not sure I'm getting optimal launch with the Graffaloy shaft, but I hit some landing zones on the course I had never reached before. Call it a work in progress. The great thing now is I can start switching out shafts to fine tune things knowing the head is a beast. Highly recommended if you haven't tried one yet.

  5. i havent tried a tour authentic, but with what i tried so far it doesn change mine or my colleagues impression of the "callaway junk"


    the color ur game s*** is plain stupid i dont knw how many wld buy into that, havent sold a single "colored" driver so far its been in the shop for over a week people dont even touch them.


    their adjustability system is like the fat kid on the play ground buying the pair of sneakers u bought the day after u wear them for the first time.


    and i think its bull they want to make the system "simple", if you want adjustability u get it right dont make it half done.


    i dont mean to come across as too biased against this brand but they havent seem to have made a quality product since FT9


    Not sure I agree with your statement that Callaway hasn't come out with anything good since the FT9. The RAZR Hawk is a very good club (especially in the harder to find iMIX version). If money we're no object, I would have picked it over the FT-9 and not looked back.


    The forged composite, while an oxymoron, does make a difference and it's an entirely new material that's stronger and lighter than titanium. I give the engineers at Callaway kudos for thinking outside the box on how to redistribute weight to add forgiveness. Far from junk.


    I haven't tried the RAZR Fit yet but based on track record it definitely warrants a look.

  6. I really like this driver from Callaway. I usually wait until the price declines before I buy a new driver, and I'm not likely to change that approach, but this one sure is tempting.


    Agreed. Just this week I bought into their composite technology with my first purchase of a Callaway driver - EVER. But, it wasn't the RAZR Fit or even the RAZR Hawk. After sampling a number of their driver models past and present, I opted for a gently used IMIX FT-9.


    I love the feel and the sound of this club - a very solid "thwack" at contact. The FT-9 is very forgiving although I'd say the RAZR line is better in that department. But not enough to justify the additional investment.


    I know the IMIX technology never really caught on but there is a heck of a gray market for the heads and shafts right now. I matched the FT-9 head with a premium shaft for just over $60. Pretty Awesome. B)

  7. Thank you for standing on important principles. REAL MEN DO NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! A golf device should be designed to faciliate real men playing manly golf.


    Real men don't ask for directions either. That's why GPS Auto Navigation is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. ;)

  8. Awesome! Just when I have decided to bag a Sabertooth to be like my SunDevil brother :(


    That's pretty darn funny. I'm not going to sell it. For some odd reason, I putt better with blades on slower greens and my golf league this year is being played on a course where the greens have a bit more grain and distance control was becoming an issue.


    But, if I start playing on faster greens with a lot of delicate short to mid-range putts (basically inside 8-feet) then the "tooth" will definitely go back into the bag. It's the most stable putter I've ever gamed at those distances.

  9. I went back to a slight arc blade putter after playing a face balanced mallet for most of last season. Picked up a Ping Redwood ZB in the WRX Starshot finish off the Bay. Very happy with it so far.

  10. No experience with their shafts but I've been around long enough to remember when House of Forged sold vintage sets of forged irons. I used to browse their website salivating over the beauties that I knew I didn't have enough game to play. Too bad they abandoned that part of their business.

  11. I don't want to post a review yet because I haven't used it enough on the course. I will say the installation was very straight forward and I was able to find all of my local courses for download. A great start.


    However, when I got on the course to use the app during my 9-hole weekly league match, I ended up having to abandon it's use mainly because I couldn't figure out how to advance to the next hole. :( I tried swyping different areas of the screen and frantically pressing things while waiting to tee off. No luck.


    That's what I get for not reading the instructions. I will say that another app I'm using was intuitive enough "out of the box" for me not to have that issue. But the GolfLogix app does have more bells and whistles.


    More to follow later.

  12. The Rife Abaco is another putter of similar design. I bagged one of the those for a while two seasons ago. I think their groove technology is truly special.


    With that said, I'm currently gaming an Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth. Not the prettiest design you will ever see but can't seem to knock the thing out of the bag. I've had three nine hole rounds with an 1.3 average and 1.5 for GIR. Overall average for the year so far is 1.75 - that is getting it done folks. B)

  13. I'd love to test Golf Logix app if it's available for Android.


    I currently use Free Caddy Pro, which I would not characterize as a full featured gps app. And before that, I used a SkyCaddy SG 2.5. So it would be interesting to test Golf Logix and compare it to my experiences with those two products.


    BTW, my phone is a Motorola RAZR Maxx. So battery life will not be an issue one way or another. ;)

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