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  1. This would be perfect to put up against my indoor set up! I currently have a NetReturn Pro setup in my garage for use with my SkyTrak. This would be the perfect opportunity to test them side by side AND outdoor in the yard. In SoCal, I can put it through its paces all winter long. Let’s do do this!
  2. First Name: Davide City, State: Carlsbad CA Current Driver in Play: SIM Handicap: 8.8 Swing Speed: 108 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSI 3
  3. Would love to put this thing through its paces compared to my PuttOut mat!
  4. Your first name: Davide Your home state/province/country: FL Your handicap: 11.2 Your current irons set/shaft: P790 w/ Project X LZ Your PING choice - i210 These look the part so let's see if they can take down the 790s currently in the bag. No easy feat!!
  5. Bring it on! 1) Dave from FL 2) Handicap: 11 Swing speed: 108 3) Taylormade M2 2017 4) G400 LST or MAX
  6. All prices are shipped and PayPal-ed in the CONUS. Cash is preferred over trade! Open to the following trades: - Vokey SM7 Wedges (prefer 2 or 3 club set - mid bounce) - Scotty Mid-Mallets Onto the show!! Gloire F2 Irons - Nippon NS Pro Stiff Shafts - 4-PW - Japan Market only! Shipped from Tokyo! Brand New in Box - $1200 OBO
  7. Who: Davide, 39 Where: Carlsbad, CA in process of relocating to Tampa, FL Why: I can't consistently get off the tee box. I have Martin's Tour Striker 7 iron, and it's helped my iron and wedge play immensely, but the driver confounds me. Over the top, leading to a weak fade or slice, means giving up yardage and the pressure all falls on my short game. I've struggled to a 12hcp and have languished there for the last year and a half... help me Tony and Martin!
  8. I think I have less of a concern with the collar, and more with the sausage-casing fit Nike uses on these! I'm all for moving fashion forward, but man, I've seen a little too much of JDay in his Nike gear as of late!
  9. The current model and flex of your irons: Taylorade TP CB - Stiff Flex TT DG S300 XP Your Handicap: 15.6 Your Age: 34 Are you Left or Right Handed: Righty Do you know your iron specs: Standard Length and Loft, Lie 2* Up Which 2 companies make the best irons in golf: Tough call, but Mizuno in my view Which 2 companies make the worst irons in golf: Hmm, not a fan Wilsons or Clevelands, but that has more to do with brand image than products I'd say. In my bag right now: RBZ Tour TP 10.5 Driver LOOKS: The club is handsome from every angle, most importantly at address, where the Tour version of the RBZ takes on a less hefty look. At address, it appears smaller than 460 cc and inspires confidence. Taylormade continues to do an excellent job in finishing their products, and this driver is no exception. The graphics, colors, fonts, and overall design are clearly well thought-out and as silly as that sounds, to a product junkie like myself, that matters. The upgraded TP shaft is also treated with the RBZ graphic and color application and while some prefer the "real deal" look of non-stock drivers, I can appreciate what Taylormade have done, which is to make their clubs as recognizable as possible. Overall its a very nice progression from where I was with the previous R11. SOUND AND FEEL: The RBZ is a bit loud. That's not to say bad, just loud. When the ball is cut solidly, you'll know it and when tattooed it can be ear ringing, but overall I don't find a tremendous amount of fault with that. Its certainly not the traditional thwack you would get with a Titleist, but by the same token, its also not the softball bat screech you would get from a Nike SQ bread loaf driver either! Feel is exactly what I want from Taylormade. Like the RBZ fairways, the ball feels like its jumping off of the face hot and just going. Even with the stock Matrix shaft, I could feel the head working nicely with the shaft to deliver good contact. With the slightly heavier TP shaft, I found the feel to be a bit softer and just a touch more muted, not dead, just a bit softer. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised and as I said, it was a nice move from the R11 I played previously. PERFORMANCE: I thought for sure I would be buying an R11s. At my local demo, however, I found the RBZ to be everything I wanted. Light, powerful, responsive and forgiving enough for a guy of my skill level. Once tuned with the stiff TP shaft, and a loft of 12* playing 2* closed, I was carrying the ball longer than my previous R11. With an average swing speed of around 104, I was consistently rolling out to around 280-290, where I had been 7-10 yards shorter than that previously. Overall I didn't expect to love this club as much as I did, and, as I said, was convinced it would be as simple as dialing in an R11s, but everything about RBZ Tour worked well for me. Thanks for the shot at test MGS!
  10. Its not a product to combat back pain, but rather a stability product built to help keep the athlete in the correct posture. I hope that helps! Great to hear all the positivity. I work for the brand and love hearing your guys' insights. Please feel free to email with any comments or feedback.
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