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  1. Okay, a buddy sent me this link and I LAUGHED OUT LOUD watching it. So much so that I've passed it along to other friends as well. Just awesome....
  2. I'm sure it'll be available via TSG for a song.
  3. C'mon TM!! Relase it already so that I can buy one!!!! I'll take a 9* with a Motore Speeder VC 7.1 please!
  4. Now THAT is my next driver!! Dang. That is clean!!
  5. What happened to those gorgeous MX-300's you had? Those are very forgiving...
  6. Well, the RM and Scratch split goes much deeper than that. And it's not about how much Adams was going to pay him. Let's just leave it at that shall we. Doesn't really matter in the end. The split was amicable and there's a new chapter to the great story that is Scratch Golf.
  7. Oh no!! I hope a big OEM picks them up.
  8. You'll need to go Tour Custom to get a GW. Although getting a high bounce 53* and having it bent to 50* may be another option, as the Tour Custom's a bit more. Great review. How did you find that it played around the greens?
  9. Oh man, I'd like one of those TM SuperDeep's or Superfast TP drivers!! Oh my, they sure do look sweet!! Hope I can win that new hybrid. That just looks like money!
  10. Oh man, like them a lot. VERY muted feel at impact. Very very soft. I'm hitting them as far as my 09 Burner's which is saying a lot, as my 09 Burner's were LONG. Best thing is that I LOVE the look of them from 4-PW. Just excellent. I have Flighted PX 6.0's and love the feel too.
  11. Okay, so the jury has deliberated and the results are in. Can't stand this putter. No thanks! I really wanted to like it, but just haven't putted well with it all. And I LOVE Odyssey Putters, but not these...
  12. Yes, I saw that in your other thread! Congrats man! Those are indeed some SWEET irons. SWEET! SWEET!! SWEET!!!
  13. Ha ha ha... that's funny. My backup bag is nearly an all TM bag with a 09 Burner TP driver, 09 Burner/KBS Tour irons, and Rossa "Justin Rose" Tour putter. Sick thing was that I was tempted to buy some RAC TP wedges and a hybrid just to complete it. Later on this year I'm intrigued about starting a PING bag.... Driver: G15 Hybrid: G10 Irons: G15 Wedges: Tour W's Putter: Can't knock my Sabertooth outta the bag....
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