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  1. Interesting. I've only known Gauge Design Japan, which makes some primo stuff. Didn't know there was a GD USA.
  2. Yeah, I got the idea from my buddy. He said either play odd or even numbered clubs. It's worked really well. People might just be surprised that they don't NEED 14 clubs.
  3. Those Gauge Design blades are unreal. I had the 300 Forged and they were very nice. The Mizuno's are classics too.. especially the MP-33's. I think the Nickent ARC's are the easiest to hit.
  4. This is what I carry when I want to walk: 1 - Driver 2 - Cally 2h hybrid (perfect escape club out of the rough or under a tree) 3 - 4 iron 4 - 6 iron 5 - 8 iron 6 - PW 7 - 54* SW 8 - 58* LW 9 - putter This setup works perfect for me and doesn't wear me out. I use the 58* always out of the sand, and the 54* around the green. I use the PW for pitches and long chips on the green too. It's a great setup.
  5. Thx! Working on getting those Diablo Forged mi amigo!

  6. Off to a great start with the posts Golfware ;)

  7. Right. But here's the scenario I see happening.. average guy leaves his iron shot short of the green, so he using his PW to chip it... only to chunk it another 5 feet. Then, since he's 5 feet closer, he runs back to his cart to grad his 64* wedge, only to skull that across the green into the bunker. Then, he walks back to his cart to grab his his SW, gets out, and 3 putts. Oh btw, he tells his playing partners he made "bogey". LOL. If he had to carry less clubs, he wouldn't have had the 64* in the bag, not the iron that he hit short, and would have been pin high, still 3-putted, but it would have shaved off 6-7 minutes easily. LMAO!
  8. I absolutely agree. I've played better and had one of my best ballstriking rounds with only 9 clubs in the bag. If I needed to hit a 7-iron, I choked down and hit a sweet 6-iron and was pin high. I totally agree.
  9. LMAO! No no no. Wish I had half his game. I'd be on tour too! LOL
  10. Oh my goodness. I wouldn't know what to do with 24 clubs. I'd carry 2 drivers, 2 putters and a slew of wedges. Sad thing is that Id probably shoot the same score. LMAO! But seriously. Maybe I should pick up an FT9 Tour draw to carry along with my neutral.
  11. I've actually played better carrying 9 clubs in my bag. Took out all the odd number clubs in my bag and carries a sleeve of balls. Walked too and it was much lighter on the body. Played really well. Less is the new more! LOL
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