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  1. I'm curious will this be even lower spin than the SLDR series or about the same?
  2. Do the adjustments run parallel or do they cross over? It makes me wonder how long before they make a driver that has some secret combination you can use with weights and sliding to unlock an extra achievement.
  3. I'm excited to see the final result. I wish they were a little faster on the updates.
  4. Sometimes TM drives me crazy lol. But I look forward to the new club, will this be the r15?
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing, been watching the SLDRs closely. If a person can be disciplined enough to buy there releases 12 months after introduction, the cost savings are breath taking. Even 6 months. I love the TM release cycle.
  6. I like some of the newer Callaway stuff but to Mark's point they have become a little heavy handed with the handing of information and who gets what.
  7. Honestly it's a nice looking iron, I might buy.
  8. I think it's unlikely. There just isn't a need to help move the clothing. If they do, I would see them acquiring another company that is already producing, as others have speculated probs Callaway.
  9. In regards to the new awful looking graphics... I would guess if it was white again, to many people watching golf at home on the weekends wouldn't realize TM had a new driver out. This way they can recognize it's different...and boy it sure is.
  10. My guess would be that Ping wants to move anyway and this is just a way to do so and vilify the pot dispensary. If Ping just up and moved because of a few strip clubs or whatever, people could spin it the other way that they gave up on the community. This way, Ping looks like the victim, even though they were going to move regardless. In 2011, I can't believe we are still acting like weed is a big deal.
  11. Love to see the Hogan stuff still in play. I have the special wedge set, 52/56/60 in BeCu, love them.
  12. Wow the Japanese make some exquisite looking equipment.
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