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  1. I liked the CC wedges so much I bought some at the Orlando PGA Show in 2011 from the designer Chris himself. A talented and knowledgable guy. Very handsome classic looks, good choice of colour for paint fill. So I'm not surprised at the positive comments and the deserved points total. However, Chris is no longer with the Company now, such a disappointment for me personally as I was looking forward to his future designs especially in irons. Amazing that the name stays but the craftsman leaves! Be interesting to see where the brand goes from here. Wish them well though.
  2. Fantastic grip and product. I fitted many grips to satisfied customers. Can't wait to stock these.
  3. I just feel its about time Augusta invite 3 new lady members and in my opinion they would be 1. Nancy L 2. Annika S 3. Judy R Who would you choose?
  4. Maverickping A question for you. If the answer for this is obvious, its passed me. How do you calculate the headweight to hit the target swingweight in order to achieve the desired frequency?
  5. OK guys this is the deal. N Ireland is part of the UK has been since 1921 when there was a split and will continue to be until the majority of the population says different. McIlroy, Clarke and McDowell were born in NI and choose a British passport, hence the NI flag but because of dual nationality status they can also have an Irish passport and therefore a choice of Country for the Olympics. P Harrington is from Dublin and can only have an Irish passport. Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland and Wales although atm the Scots want out of the Union and independance. Hope
  6. I see Christie Kerr has tweeted new clubs in the bag for 2012. Moved to Ping, everything except the putter. Pity would have liked her to keep using the Scratch wedges. I watched her play 2 amazing bunker shots during the Solhime Cup at Killen Castle on the Saturday when she was paired with Paula in the foursomes.
  7. I looked at these shoes last year and thought they were fab. I spoke with the CEO who is originally from Ireland!! But with supreme stupidity did not take a pair home. Regret it now and a year on they are still not available in the UK! Unless I'm wrong....
  8. One of the worst looking collection of golf clubs I've ever seen!! Dreadful.
  9. I think the wedges are beautifully designed and finished. These are the limited edition ones and they really look cool. They have just launched the Burnside putter which also impresses. Nice to see some new names coming through, Carnahan, TRUElinks, ScorGolf. The futures bright. Just wish the ruling bodies would introduce the 70comp ball by 2020!!
  10. Beautiful looking clubs. Very appealing classic shape and finish Interesting concept, incrementing by 1deg from no. 8 iron right upto 61deg lob wedge. You can have 5 of them, 4, 3, 2 or just 1. Not surprised they won silver but I would have given them gold.
  11. Just to clarify MD Golf are an Northern Irish company. Approx 10 years old making good quality equipment for the mid-market. They purchased the Seve rights about a year ago.
  12. Top-Flite made a ball about 20 years ago that was 1.72" rather than the usual 1.68. It was legal of course because it was the correct weight 1.62 ounches and a ball cannot be less than 1.68" in diameter. Selling points were greater accuracy esp in wind and easier to putt with. It sold well for a while until people caught on it travelled a shorter distance. But that was 20 years ago have they re-invented it??
  13. Any news on players with new names on the bag? We might see some this week in Hawawi. Aways interested at this time of year.
  14. Did Scratch Scor or Carnahan win anything?
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