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  1. il' take any Bridgestone ball over any other everyday. currently playing the B330-S and can't wait for the new version to be released and try it out!
  2. Would love to see him to go Cobra PUMA...would be a great combo. Another guilty pleasure would be Bridgestone.
  3. the whole diablo line has looked cheaply made and adding the "octane" tagline to it makes it even worse. i will admit that its cleaner than the Diablo Edge line but in the end, this driver will be lost in the mix when it comes out. it seems to me that people are looking to go more traditional and clean instead of silly graphics and devil horns on a golf club...JMO.
  4. Ngage is completely correct in his assessment of Dick's as A WHOLE. no one really knows how to handle golf equipment properly and their knowledge of the product is absolutely ridiculous. i work at a privately owned golf shop and the buying out of Callaway would be an awful thing for us. Dick's would destroy the brand, like they did to Walter Hagen etc..., and turn it into a complete mockery. Callaway as a company is still revered as one of the best in the business and their new line of equipment this year has been flying off the shelves. The economy is still obviously in a tough place, but the buying out of the company from Dick's has huge consequences.
  5. i thought that the TP Black were the softer, spinnier ball like the ProV1 and the TP Red was the somewhat harder, lower spinning ball.
  6. getting new shafts that are non-flighted would really be the only option.
  7. Bridgestone has impressed me so much. used to play all Titleist balls and Bridgestone has my vote. in a previous post it said that the B330 and B330s was a good mesh of the callaway balls and the titleist balls...so true.
  8. at my pro shop, SO many people are asking about these balls. once they saw Tim Clark gaming them a couple weeks ago, they wanted to get their hands on them. people are going to gobble these up! will probably also help sales of pinnacle yellow balls (even though they are a lower end ball).
  9. yes, the FastTrack and non-FastTrack both come with the real fubuki shafts. their newest fairway wood/hybrid lineup is the best looking ones that they have ever made. the titanium components also make it a "buy" in my eyes.
  10. the forged irons will most likely be GI to game enhancement. kind of an in-between area. look much more traditional and with subdued graphics in the cavity.
  11. i agree...the shot dispersion was somewhat across the board compared to the FT Tour. another impressive driver that has a lot of buzz is the new Mizuno MP-630 FastTrack. looks really sharp and their weighting system is easy and effective.
  12. these look pretty awful to me. its like a robot club. nike is supposedly coming out with a forged version of this club that looks slick...
  13. the X-Protos and the '09 X-Forged from Callaway are two of the best irons ive ever hit. mizuno still rules in terms of softest feel and premium forging.
  14. this is an awesome stick...love the stock Golf Pride Multi-Comp grip too. agreed with those above that the VR Tour driver (not Str8Fit) ranks right up there with this driver. the stock voodoo shaft is the actual voodoo shaft, not the "made for", watered down version. 2 thumbs up.
  15. the continual downturn of TaylorMade...
  16. it's been interesting to see how manufacturers are "getting around" the groove rule by creating balls that spin more or grooves that are milled differently. hoping the PGA reverses the rule so that everyone can end the confusion and become more streamlined.
  17. the graphics in the cavity are just a mess...but they set up nicely when you stand over them. they'll be a big hit with "wannabe player" older aged guys.
  18. i agree...the HiBores are far better than the SuperLaunch irons. the new HB3's are better looking than last years HiBore and they slimmed them down a bit.
  19. kind of hoped that Callaway would have came out with a 2010 version of the X-Forged or a revamp of the X-Prototypes (even though they look amazing). the Diablo Edge Forged sets up nice, but the graphics in the cavity are a little bold.
  20. the TM Forged are still one of the sharpest looking blades ever made...and i HATE TM!
  21. a lot of people are wondering whether they will continue the series into the 911 model or go in a different direction. it will be interesting to see what Titleist decides to do...
  22. i felt like there was too much offset when setting up to it, but definitely one of the more interesting and appealing "stealthy" designs in Nike's lineup.
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