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  1. Agreed witht he above. if you can find a srynge get some solution in it and in ject it up the botton of the grp between the shaft and the grip. go about half way up the grip and stick the needle to the shaft and inject some there too. I did this a while ago and it worked great once you have a couple shot sinthe grip wiggle it so the solution has time to move around
  2. No saying that hitting the ground first wouldn't be much caused by the droop mishits yes but hitting the ground first I would think not but I am no scientist or aspire to be one either. just saying I would think the weighting and length would have more of an effect over the others when chilli dipping, hitting the ground first, remember he is not doing this with another club when swung side by side so its a direct comparison to that club in which i am drawing conclusions. I wouldnt' thinkt he proifles in both shafts would be that far removed from each other but then agian its possible
  3. barring you have the equipment to do so in house. the swing weight can be calcualted through a handy website and obtaining the balance point which may be a little easier. I do agree that all specs should be checked but I don't think kickpoint/CPM would caus ethe club to be bottoming out for chili dips. weight and length would have a more pronoucesd influcence. just my $.02 maybe I am wrong
  4. Love this about this site. honest golfers stuggling to make the ends meet and set goals which 99% of the golifng world can't break. continued success SPARNAR keep up the good work and I look forward to that first post with an 8 in front of the score. my thoughts on your success and goals..... this is a time you will grow to love your longer clubs. since you have 200 yards or so into greens yes teeing it forward would be a good start but you will learn how to hit harder clubs into greens in this stage of your career. whatever you do as you progress don't take those clubs out of your bag
  5. Purchased the strawbeery lemonade a bit salty at first but refreshing and easy to get the hang of the taste. Remember this you can stay hydrated by drinking when sweating but if you plan on sweating heavily while playing/exercising the next day its best you hydrate the day before. The electrolytes don't immediately seep in when on the course. I drank a bottle before bed saturday and walked the course sunday while drinking it on the course. although the weather wasn't great for sweating it was refreshing and I didn't feel much fatigue at all on the course..the next day I did but that might have
  6. Check out the swing weight oo. the R11 is most likely heavier. The length could hurt a touch but normally you would make some adjsutment to it (stance or in swing). Try choking down a half inch to inch and see fi that works if so it's deifitnely the length. if not most likely its the weight fo the club. you wouldn't think a couple swing points would do that but it is definitely possible As for Hoing don't ever quite no one likes a quiter anyways. I have been scouringhte net for soemthing between my strong 3w and my 3 hyrid 13* and 19* to see if I can add antoher optionoff the tee. needless
  7. HI all, sorry I missed this completely. I was one of the lucky ones to get this workout and haven't contacted christian about the exercises I had issues with rather just googled them and found out what I needed. Customer service is a pet peeve so that sucks if no response is being given. Haven't come close to a full review since I have been out on IR after surgery but plan on completeing this throughout the season. I have to say though, not much distance gained in the couple weeks I have gone through this program. there are some tough workouts even in the beginner section but nothing a det
  8. hitting up the store today or tomorrow for some. I have a shop right near work so that is good news whether they have all flvavors is another but we'l see. as for course hydration it's just water now buit I walked two tough courses back to back a week or so ago after doing a light gym workout and my legs left me late inthe second round need to get past that
  9. Great piece fo writing! great product and glad to see the small guy #WINNING!!!! need to find out if the have shoes that fit the fat lady or mid mallet little man from bobby grace. Obviously I will be giving a call soon love this stuff. BTW..RP...104 shoes...now that's hoing my friend!!!!! and you spoke tot he intricate parts like a true HO too...got to love it
  10. Back at it here boys. Saturday I ventured into the local stogie shop to grab the tabak and Java. Man Oh Man. Bones these didn't disappoint one bit. Thanks for the referral I have another new go to cigar. The sweet wrapper on both brought out the complex flavors even with the darker Especial Negra wrapper and deep fillers these cigars were mellow with the dark chocolate/espresso flavors. very nice!
  11. Hey RP, Nothing meant by that comment I was just stating the facts. I know each person has the free will to divulge what they would like.
  12. Tax day.... at least we have something to look forward to! can't wait
  13. Have a little update of my own. last night went out and played a couple holes. I have the 3 w stage 2 adjusted strong to 13.5 degree fit with an accra AC 75 shaft cut to 41 inches. I had 200 into a 30 MPH wind last night at about 35*. played a little knockdown fade back into the breeze (in right to left) and this thing came out like a bullet maybe 20 - 30 feet in height penetrating and when it landed stopped 4 feet from the ball mark if you can call it that (more like a skid mark). I find myself hitting this club more off the fairways on the par four/fives this winter when I have the twee
  14. Hey Theoo, Thanks for the follow up. can you tell us how you know the ball speed is spot on. what are you comparing it to? My fear for this device was that anything hit out of the range (deadstraight) the device would not be able to pick up the correct data and that seems to hold true.
  15. try them you won't be diappointed. at least this one. adding three more to the list. extra ordinary larry - tradional taste in the warpper and smoke (to the smoker) but aromatic when taking the smoke in second hand. Smells botanical/perfumy before lighting C1400 - along the line of the KUBA "blue label" aromatic but a little more complex Cold infusion - long smoke aromatic and very mild Awesome another favorite.
  16. Thansk guys! still alittle skeptical about how it would portray what I am doing since the phone isn't really connect per se. if it is in my pocket the pocket woul dhave to be euro fit tight to my body to get any real correlation.
  17. Interested to see how the golf sense, attached to a glove, montiors hip rotation???? also I would like to know if the shaft attachment gives better feedback than the glove. Not sure you guys can do that but curious to see. I have the swing smart as mentions before and it shows exactly what I have seen on video in the 3d montioring of my swing. the shaft connection does tend to move a little but I like it far better than a glove conneciton (but then again I don't use a glove)
  18. Good stuff! like the input and it sucks about the snow. Here are a couple things I would like you guys to try with both clubs. Tight lies if possible (mats at a range are fine), little hanger lies in the rough, and finally semi buried lies in 2 inch rough if you have it. I don't have much rough in my neck of the woods yet since the grass is just starting to grow but the rbz (last year's model) didn't perform much at all out of it. the hybrids on hanger lies, albiet yes your in the rough, came out so damn hot I was choking down and flying greens even playing for a jumper. last years face w
  19. Rev good thinking. we are in the same boat with getting close to your first hybrid. for me it was actually a two club jump (7iron RBLDZ to 5 hybrid RBZ) remember though I went one degree strong it fit perfectly.
  20. FUJI FUEL IS WICKED GOOD!!!!!! haven't hit the covert yet and not sure I even want to based on my performance with my R1.
  21. Come on man! we don't know each other but my comments should speak for me...and OF COURSE THEY ARE. BY THE WAY....tried the Acid 1 last night at the course. traditional smoke with a sugared outside wrapper. so for me this was almost the best of both worlds. I don't like when the tabacco leaf gets wet and sometimes strong to the taste. The sugar is sweet but not overbearing. also the cigar leaves are cask cured for 90 days in five differnt red wines. can't really get into the tastes too much but the draw was great the cigar was very complex and it wasn't aromatic at all. traditional wit
  22. Hula funny you mention that. I took my recent purchases of acid and put them with my cheapy cubans. I didn't let them sit long but I had the smell and flavor a bit so I can see them mixing.
  23. Starting this process tonight. good stuff
  24. Hey Seered, these are in a totally differnt league. quality construction and just plain differnt then the vanilla, cherry grape Whites owls used for mainy a things these days.. the acid line has a couple that smell nice but are traditional. I had the nasty and extra ordinary larry (heard the acid 1 is in this category but didn't get to it yet) which have the smell but not the sweet taste as the KUBA. The complex nature of these cigars are a true testiment tot he detail in construction. I prefer the flavor now when golfing. don't get me wrong I have a ton of cubans that are aging (P and
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