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  1. 1. Peach, MN 2. 3.4 Handicap/ 107 mph Driver swing speed. 3. TaylorMade M1 9.5 stiff (2016 version) 4. G400 LST Thank you for the chance!!
  2. First name - Peach Home state - Minnesota Current handicap - 6.6 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex - 22 deg with stiff
  3. I got a sleeve with the black number...feels like ProV1 and had the spin of a ProV1. Felt like the ball flew just a shade further and with less spin on driver shots. Mid irons had decent spin. Short irons and chipping/pitching the spins was again decent. To me, last years model actually had more zip on the greens than this does, but then again, this was only one round of testing in cooler temps (50) with a slight breeze.
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