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  1. I have two pair, one is my winter/work pair and the other is normal golf pair. They are the best shoe ever. As far as changing lie angle, get over yourself. I wear TRUES all week at work in the golf shop and then on my days off I'm in them on the course. Not just a shoe, a definite game improving piece of equipment. Beyond the quality of shoe, the company is exactly what the industry needs. Their approach to customer service is uplifting to say the least and I have no problem spending $160-$200 for the combination of shoe and service. If you aren't wearing TRUEs you do not have the best golf s
  2. Bag: Ping Hoofer C-1 (red/white/blue with American Flag) Driver: Cleveland Launcher 290 #4 Wood: Ping G15 17* #2 Hybrid: Old TaylorMade Rescue TP #3 Hybrid: Callaway RAZR X Tour (Grafalloy ProLaunch Platinum) 5-PW: Nike VR Split Cavity Forged (Project X Flighted 5.5) 52* Callaway X Vintage 56* MacGregor VIP 60* MacGregor VIP Putter: Odyssey Pro Black #1 Wide 33" Shoes: TRUE Tour white/black (best game improving purchase I've made in years) The RAZR X Tour Hybrid and Odyssey putter are new additions replacing an Adams A7 #3 hybrid and Nike Method 001
  3. I'm currently playing the Nike VR Split Cavity 4-PW w/ an Adams A7 19* hybrid. From '04-'09 (until they were stolen) I played Cleveland TA2 6-PW and TA7 Tour 3-5. Currently I play to a 4 handicap and have been as low as a +1. My game has always been focused around the greens and I believe most amateurs, high or low handicap should do the same. Is "cavity or muscle back?" the right question? How about, where in my set should I have muscle back blades and where should I have cavity backs? I approach my set makeup like this: My long game sets up my short game, I need loft, soft, and straight in m
  4. By the way, my inspiration: http://wildmusclecars.com/1956-chevrolet/1956-chevy/
  5. Thanks for the input! I have access to old shafts so I'll try some things. Rookie, I just checked out the shaft skins and can't find a pure white but did find a blue/white skin. Thanks for the suggestion, keep me posted with more ideas and I'll do the same with my progress. Off to the auto store to talk paint.
  6. I've just begun my first club project. New paint job on a Nike SQ 3wd. I'm doing a 1956 Chevy Bel Air powder blue/white theme with the crown powder blue and club details white. Also, Chevy must have had golf in mind because the old chevy hood ornament included a V which makes a perfect alignment marker. I want this club to function so I am wondering if I can strip paint from a graphite shaft and repaint it white (not to mimic the "ghost" trend but to reflect the old whitewall tires). Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. Great for you, as you train listen to your body. Running can cause injury so if on any given day you can't do your training let your body rest. You can still keep up your workout with biking, swimming, or yoga as your running body recovers. Obviously, diet is huge. I'd recommend going all out and sticking with a fairly strict routine (anything worth doing is worth doing right) but that is up to you. Make sure you have enough good carbs for your workouts. Have fun with it, it's awesome you lost 30 lbs and are doing the 1/2. You don't want to spoil that with ruining the fun of workout out or
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