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  1. My private course has had to go public/private in order to survive. We now have 5 plus hour rounds. There easily could be two cups on a hole. One standard and one 8 inches. All double digit handicappers would have to use the 8 inch hole and single digit the standard hole. This would help cut down on time of a round. If a double digit handicappers ball goes into a standard hole, they could pull it out and place it within six inches of the hole and continue to play out to the bigger cup. If a single digit handicappers ball roles into the larger hole, they do the same. It would cure a lot of course back-up problems. To those that will argue tradition: We are not playing with wood shafts and feather balls. Golf needs this quick to survive or we all will only have fond memories of the game.
  2. The look of the cleveland and the scratch 56 is similar. They are the same color and look the same except for two things. The Scratch wedge has an additional grind on the bottom edge that allows it to sit better when played open and to dig in less and give you less resistance in the sand. The second thing I noticed regarding the appearance is that the neck is longer and thinner which would help it get through the rough easier. I have played the scratch 56 wedge 5 times this fall. It is heavier then my cleveland and I quickly noticed that I gained about 10 yards on a full shot. This helps fill a hole I have in my club range. The other thing I noticed was the way the head of the club drives through the rough. With my cleveland, I had to plan on the hosel catching and twisting. There was far less twist with my scratch wedge in the tall rough. This club also ripped right through the sand.... I think the extra grind on the bottom edge makes a difference here. I leave for Florida in the next week and will play the club down there for the winter. The rough is more like a brillo pad at my course and the fairways are tighter then the are in Wisconsin where I played the club this Summer. I will update this post in a month.
  3. It is ugly but I could get beyond that if it was priced lower. I don't pay that for a driver or a set of irons. They will never break into the fold if they don't think under $200.
  4. I do not know what the advantage is to the company to make us re register every day. They already have our info. It just becomes a chore for us.
  5. Dear USGA The Damn cup is to small. I can't get the ball in it when I putt. How about making the hole 3 inches wider..... Why your at it, I think my ball striking would improve if the golf ball was the size of a softball. Of course if you make the ball bigger, you would have to make the hole 6 inches larger instead of 3. Let me know what you think...... Oppps.. never mind, I just made a thirty footer! (this is a joke)
  6. I do not like the cg 16 wedge. I think in an effort to look like they are coming out with a new improved product, they have had to morph a great wedge into something that I think looks worse then any other wedge on the market. I will stick with my old cleveland for as long as I can. I wish the PGA would have not changed the wedge rules.
  7. I use to buy a new driver every two years. I would buy a new putter every three years. I have not bought any new clubs for two years and will not buy any for this year. That's a shame because I would really like to buy a new cobra driver.
  8. Has anyone ever tried to "regrove" a wedge? I keep thinking I could do it with my dremel tool but I do not know if it is even legal to do it.
  9. Nike Unitized Neo Putter. I like it even if it is a fake. However I would rather have paid a knockoff price.
  10. Thanks to all who have responded. It seems like Adams is popular for women. My wife was one of those who said she thought golf was stupid. Chasing a white ball around and getting bit by mosquitos. Well..... I joined a country club and they only had family memberships. I would try and get her to go to dinner or to a social event and she would not enjoy herself because she didn't know anyone and I was talking to many of the members I had golfed with. One day when she said she did not want to go to a dinner dance we had a long talk. She said she would try golf but would not like it... Well, its several years latter and I am writing this after making my own breakfast because she had a tee time this morning. She fell in love with it. Now, some of you may think that she is just doing this for me and the relationship. Hogwash. She fell in love with it and we can not go anywhere without our clubs. We got a time share in Hilton head and have been to Myrtle Beach and are half way done with the Robert Trent Jones trail. Our vacations are always surrounded by golf. I have created a monster.
  11. My Number is 63 . Sounds like a winner to me.
  12. I think lefty could use a ball retriever and still get it near the hole. Err....only if it is between two trees in pine needles over a river to a blind elevated green.
  13. This would be a flash in the pan idea that would not last long. I had an iphone that was loaded with apps I thought I wanted but after using them one or two times never used them again. I pretty much can tell if I got a ball in the sweet spot or not.
  14. I have been playing bridgestone 330rx but recently switched to the srixon z-star yellow. I feel I picked up about 5 yards or more. I have only played about 5 rounds with them and I did not do any scientific study its just an observation. What I like about the yellow is most of my fellow golfers play white so it is easier to tell which of the three balls in the fairway (or rough) is yours as you wait for the short hitter to hit his. Helps my start thinking about the shot earlier then waiting till we all look for our marks on the ball.
  15. Cobra drivers to me were always lighter with softer shafts. I hope puma keeps this set-up and doesn't try to change it into something else.
  16. My wife started golfing 3 years ago. She was shooting 140 on a difficult course. Now she is shooting around 100. The clubs I bought her 3 years ago were $179 and served her well. It is time to help her make the next move. My question is what is a good set of game improvement clubs for a woman who is shooting 100. I will spend up to $500 this time. A lot of womans clubs are mens clubs painted in pastels with a lighter shaft. I am looking for a real set made for women. What are you gals playing?
  17. It will be two fold...... Instead of just getting senior, regular, and stiff shafts, I think they will offer 10 different numbered staff of stiffness. I am to fast for a regular shaft but not fast enough for a stiff shaft. I think that once you hone in on the shaft that is right for you, you will then buy the head separately and attach it as you do today with a wrench. I also think that the pressure sensitive face (not a chip) will indicate where you hit the ball for several minutes after you drove.
  18. I bought a new HTC EVO. Since this is a sprint phone.. (CDMA) The other droid apps do not work on it. This phone has been in the pipeline for a year and I can not find any GPS golf apps for it. Has anyone seen or heard of one?
  19. Seems like a lot of technology that we don't need. If I am 150 yards away and I pull a seven iron and am 10 yards short, I pretty much get the hint after doing this several times. Plus my wife will tell me I am all screwed up as well. Maybe skygolf should have named the new device "Sue"
  20. 99 percent of all cart bags out there still allow the clubs to clank and clink. I know that you can put club covers on but they are time consuming and often get lost on the court. I do not remember which manufacturer made it, but there was a bag that tilted out toward the rear of the cart and the clubs sat in the bottom portion of the diamond shaped slot. This was a great improvement but I can not find this bag any longer. In my way of thinking, the problem is the golf cart. We need to revamp the cart so the clubs are in front of the driver and passenger instead of behind them. The clubs should lay in a V shape that is biased toward the side of the cart that the occupant exits the cart. In other words: the driver exits the cart and the clubs are in front of him angling out to the left. The passenger leaves the cart and the clubs are angling out to the right. This angle would allow the clubs to ride in the bottom of the diamond shaped divider and put the clubs in front of the driver and eliminate the time behind the cart.
  21. I bought a putter on the internet that I thought was a nike putter. Several people are telling me it is a knockoff and not a real nike putter. I have tried to find the difference between this maybe nike and the one in the store. I can not find any difference. I putt well with it. I am not so sure that a knock off putter is really any different then the real one. I understand that a driver or iron may have a big difference between real and knockoff but on a putter..... not so much.
  22. I could use some of his old shirts. Yes, they would fit me. Lots of weight behind the swing.
  23. When you guys are complaining about battery life..... How much time do you get. Can you complete 18 holes or only 14?
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