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  1. First Name/State of Residence - Mike/Florida Current Drive specs Model/loft/shaft/Flex - Callaway Rogue - 9.5* Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 Graphite stiff Your handicap and driver swing speed, and do your regularly use any sort of LM for data collection - 8.0/105 mph/no Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience. - Yes, it was just an average Driver, too much spin. Love my Tour Edge 3 wood though!
  2. Mike from Fort Lauderdale, FL 58 - 6 handicap Callaway Apex Irons - 4-PW 52, 56 and 60* Titleist Wedges 2 Hybrid Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Tour Edge 3 wood Ben Hogan Putter I am so looking for another set of irons if these work, I will throw away the Callaways and put these right in my bag!! I am an Internet Marketing consultant so I will preach the word!!
  3. - Michael - Davie, FL - Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Fairway 13* 3 Wood Stiff Flex, Matrix Ozik HD Black tie 7M3.1 - Current fairway wood loft - Tour Edge 3H 19*
  4. Mike - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Callaway Rogue Driver with a Project X Hzrdus yellow shaft - Callaway APEX irons 4-PW with Aerotech stiff shafts- Titleist Vokey Wedges 56* and 60* - Tour Edge 3 wood - Tour Edge 3 Hybrid My current handicap is 5.5 My goals for 2018 are: 1. To be more consistent in my scoring 2. Hit more greens with my irons 3. Increase my Driving distance 4. Lower my handicap to a 3 or lower
  5. Mike from Florida My current putter is a Center shaft Edel PIXL putter My Huntington Beach putter of choice is the 6C I was just bidding on one on Ebay and saw this thread. The power of positive thoughts!! I would review the heck out of this putter as I am in the market to buy a new putter. I just bought 3 different putters!
  6. Mike from Fort Lauderdale FL Current handicap - 6 Avg score - 80 Never played with Wilson irons What Callaway Apex with Aerotech Steel fiber shafts These irons are hard to beat.......make me a believer!!
  7. I'm 57 Ball speed with Driver is over 160 I use a Callaway Supersoft and Pro V1x I use the Supersoft in the windy Florida conditions as it stays pretty straight and you can swing slower.
  8. Mike Anderson - 6'6" tall I think the one length would really help me!! Davie, Florida Current Handicap - 5.8 Current Iron Set - Callaway Apex One length or Variable - One Length I just bought the Cobra LTD Pro Driver and I am now hitting 80% of my fairways!!
  9. Mike Anderson Fort Lauderdale, FL 8 handicap Cobra F7 Driver with Arrcos Also have a Laser Rangefinder Play 70+ rounds/yr
  10. Mike Anderson Florida I use a Golf Buddy after my Nikon Cool shot was stolen. I also use Golf Now's app with GPS.
  11. 1. Mike Anderson - Davie, FL 2. My current handicap - 6 3. My current ball - Volvik Vista iV 4. 8 rounds/month
  12. Mike from Fort Lauderdale FL Callaway Apex Stiff Aerotech shafts Handicap - 6 Can the Cobra's unseat these??
  13. Being 6'6" tall, alignment is crucial to me. I have a very difficult time finding a putter. I would love to give this a try. My name is Mike Anderson and I am from Davie FL - My current putter is the Odyssey V-Line CS Big T putter - I would like to test the MLA Tour Series Mallet putter - My common miss: left I am an Internet Marketing consultant so I will shout it out if my results are good!! In any event, best of luck to MLA!!
  14. It was very easy to answer the Hogan fit process questions. There are so many golfers out there (including myself) that don't get fit properly or understand gapping between clubs. I am 7 handicap that's been as low as a 1. My problem is that I am 6'6" tall and it's hard to get fit right. I went through the Ping fitting process one time before my club championship and didn't qualify, as I hit the supposedly "perfect fit" irons poorly. I remember many years back that I hit some Hogan cavity back irons extremely well. So when I saw the opportunity to be a tester, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to hopefully be a part of this. If the irons play like I remember way back when and they are custom fit,,,,,,they will be in my bag! FW•15 IRONS Include in Order Loft Lie Length Price 20 21 22 23 59 39 $149 24 25 26 27 59.5 38.25 $149 28 29 30 31 60 37.5 $149 32 33 34 35 61 36.75 $149 36 37 38 39 62 36.25 $149 40 41 42 43 63 35.75 $149 44 45 46 47 63.5 35.5 $149
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