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  2. Ken-- San Diego, CA Cobra bio-cells stiff flex trusty tour wedges lefty 6 hdcp
  3. Nice, I had the amp's, amp cell couldn't hit, now the BIO cell's and these sticks are awesome. throwing darts at the flag. ill wait on the fly z for now, might buy a 2nd set of bio's LOL
  4. I picked up the same one in grey 3 weeks ago, just need to upgrade the grip now
  5. Thanks Guys, I was trying different balls to see a difference. as for swing speed it says 90 mph or less for the best use of this ball, but if works for me don't change it. it's funny when doing LDA events they give us rock flights to hit
  6. been playing this ball for 2 years now, love it, last couple months I tried the chrome soft and the TM tour preferred, did see much difference, maybe a little more bite on the green, but some people say my swing speed is too much for the X at 107-109, but in my opinion the past 2 years i've dropped my hdcp 11 strokes, and I feel less spin on the driver with them, so are balls a head game? can a certain ball really make that much of difference? I don't mean rock flights to pro v-1's any help Thanks Ken
  7. I came here after someone on the course asked me if I reviewed my clubs there before I bought them, and I've been here ever since! Ken
  8. Ok guys did some changes and a 2 hr hitting drivers to figure out the boom stick lol my old driver cobra amp cell, I thought last month it lost some pop, went to golfsmith sim hit it it did lose 15-18 yrds...avg swing speed 117 286yrds hit G25 117mph 302 yrds hit the X hot Calloway 117 mph 323 yrds so I traded in the CAC for the X hot the the original post X hot vs krank.. can't wait to see the big bertha coming soon ....
  9. true I have the amp cell driver and amp cell irons...they are the quiet ones in the bunch...
  10. Nope I live in El Cajon, so Torrey treats me like a tourist LOL top courses for the $ sycuan barona carmel mtn ranch eastlake riverwalk just to name a few I play anywhere I can get a deal on ezlinks.com
  11. the Cobra amp cell sounds great...reading reviews now on the new Bio cell driver.... as for the SLDR I'm just going to sell it. should move pretty quick for 225.00 plus ship with head cover and tool only hit 30 range balls with it.
  12. I tried to like the SLDR, but can't, I'm sticking with my Cobra amp cell 9.5 oh well, I think I might give ole ping g25 another chance! LOL
  13. here's my no BS my clubs distances on the course not a sim ....been hitting the irons like that for 5 years now, the weekend after turkey day ill goto golfmart sim and shoot some pics of swing speeds driver-----302 4 wood---260 4-----------235 5-----------215 6-----------200 7-----------180 8-----------165 9-----------155 pw---------148 aw---------135 sw---------115 lw----------90
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