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    I love links style courses! I am a forensic psychologist and golf is how I balance my life...
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  1. Jools


  2. Hi Chris, I'm game and motivated! Do you have any women yet? I'd love to give it a go! Julie
  3. At the deal site www.woot.com today's deal is the Callaway uProGPS. It is a refurbished model for $99 I use this device and like it. The course downloads are free for the basic model, and you purchase credits for the pro or upgraded course info. ($60 for 15 credits, 3 credits per course.) Pro mode gives you video flyover and satellite images of each hole. Basic mode is adequate, with distances for front, back and middle of the green, and also to hazards. Pro mode is probably worth using if planning for a tournament or an important golf outing. Also I have used Woot with no trouble. Julie
  4. Very nice! I am shopping for a new putter after noticing the glare off my matte mallet. Even though it is a satin finish, in the sun it is blinding and distracting... Do you make a mallet? Need a tester?
  5. Isn;t that a crazy dilemma... good wedge, mediocre ball or lousy wedge good ball.... I am in the market for new wedges, can't wait to hear your review...
  6. I also lay some blame on her coahc for not talking about the groove issue to the players. It was the other player that wanted her club tested. Apparently she knew...
  7. Even in Metro Los Angeles I don;t see much Adams stuff. The superstores have a bit, but I agree, it would be nice to see more product out there...
  8. Yes, but those are the same guys that can't play for beans!
  9. Very cute! I so admire cake art... to look at too!
  10. I tried an oversize grip and my swing went womky! I just couldn;t get used to is and kept pulling the club.
  11. Great post! Thanks for the education!
  12. Are new golfers really buying full sets of clubs? I haven't been golfing long and individual clubs was so helpful for me...
  13. Hey fellow spies... Girlie golfer here, always looking to imrprove my game...

  14. Wouldn't that be a great prize!!!! dreamdoc
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