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  1. I think one common misconception about Titleist is that it's all player's clubs and not very forgiving. But the offerings from Titleist in the past 5 years has been very forgiving, especially their drivers. As for their irons, you pretty much get what you bargained for. If you got yourself a set of Titleist blades, how forgiving can they get? So yes, chosen correctly, a Titleist set can work as well as any other brands in the hands of a high capper.
  2. Probably its the bounce. 56 deg wedges are usually designed to be a sand wedge with rather substantial bounce. Unless you are hitting it off very fluffy lie or soft sand, you just may not like it very much. I'm just guessing.
  3. I had that one! When it first came out, I bought the 400 cc version... which apparently was good enough for my hacker swing. But then I dented the clubhead at the driving range when I took a practise swing and hit a pillar on the back swing. Can't believe how fragile it was. After that dent, it never feel quite the same, and I quickly trade it off for a TM driver (I think... that was so many years ago).
  4. The correct response should had been... go get some more drinks to drown out the shame.
  5. I think their mantra has always been "We bring you yesterday's technology... tomorrow"... Every new product they launch them to be not much of a change from the previous one. So much so I can't tell the difference between a MB710, 712 and 714.. likewise for all their metalwoods. But they do have great products, as I have been using their irons for quite many years now.
  6. For me... it's the SLDR driver. For those of you who followed, I raved a lot about the driver, and how the fitting process found me the supposedly best shaft combo for my swing. Well... the honeymoon period is over. The SLDR depends on me having all cylinders firing well at the same time too much, and there's way too much hit & pray involved. Think I'll fall back on my old cleveland dst driver. Think I'll probably eBay it sometime soon.
  7. With so much fanfare about adjustability being the buzzword in golf equipment nowadays, there are still people who appreciates a simple club that just gets the job done reliably. Frankly my SLDR remains one of the most unreliable club in my bag after a few months.
  8. Nothing says player more than a battered 3 wood
  9. Thought I like to revive this rather old thread. Just bought one (used) off eBay cheap - $46... and very excited about it. Something about it's a very simple, utilitarian design really attracts me. The newer generations of fairway wood - like my RBZ is too "over designed" in my opinion, and in all likelihood does not perform better than the older ones. Like all stock shafts in TM clubs of old, it's might not be as good as we all like, so I'm going in with rather tempered expectations. Well the money I saved could be put into getting a better shaft for my new (old) fairway wood. If this experiment turns out good, think I'm gonna be hooked on buying old clubs and giving them a new lease of life!
  10. His full swing looks great! His short game... hmmm... seem to flub his chips / pitch a bit. But I doubt that's something that will trouble him for long.
  11. For all of Tiger's detractors who says he has lost it.... I would gladly give one of my kidneys to be able to play like him in his worse form. Hell... I'll throw in half my liver if I could put like him as well
  12. I think I might switch to this, starting to need a more forgiving set of irons, and it has to be forged.
  13. Maybe let the grass dry out for a day or two, then use a vacuum cleaner?
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