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  1. driver will be here tomorrow then off to the range with danny

  2. Da Bears Da Bears DAAAA Bears

  3. Sports Authority is taking pre-orders now
  4. so happy that I live near a golf dome in the winter

  5. I thought about the clones also how about a 3 way comparison? as for the legal part I can't see the OEMs being that upset if they are better and it will deal a blow to the counterfeit club makers since any search would direct people here. We would have to wait and see what happens if the counterfeit
  6. It is one of the most popular question asked on golf forums and finally getting an answer would be awesome. I also think it would force the golf magazines to preform their own test. The OEMs can't cut everybody off if the results aren't good for them. Plus can you imagine the buzz it would create for MGS and golf in general.
  7. I say the first experiment should be a comparison between real and counterfeit clubs to end the discussion of 'should I buy these clubs from China' make it a 2 part comparison performance and material.
  8. i actually really like the look and color of these. I actually cant wait to see these in person.
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