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  1. And there's not too much writing on the scotty putters?
  2. Like the red, nut believe that will be nike's color. Could go with deep purple crown, gold bottom
  3. Read through this post, so here's my two cents. The issue isn't whether the long or belly putter is illegal, but anchoring a club to your body is. No one is going to take the putter away, you can still putt with it, just can't hold it against your body. Remember when Bernard langer held his short putter against his forearm and gripped his putter? The ban would likely make that type of stroke illegal as well. There have been many changes in the game since it was first invented steel shafts were against the rules for many years. Mallet style putters also have been used in the 19th century. Look at the clubs that looked like rakes, spades, etc. they were specialty clubs to get you out of ruts, holes, etc. the current sand wedge was invented by Gene Sarazen. When he first used it in the British open he kept a towel over it so his competitors couldn't get a look at it and have it declared illegal. As Ben Hogan once said, putting is not golf, it's a whole different thing. He would have changed the game where closest to the pin counted instead of putting.So to wind down, the long putters won't be banned, just the way you take a stroke.
  4. Always liked the feel of the Winn grips. Have a dri tac on my current clubs. Had to replace the driver grip after 20 rounds, wore out on the bottom hand where I place my thumb. Would be willing to try this one to see if lasts longer.
  5. Got mine ordered. Got my titliests the other day. Hope the manufacturers keep this up. May be ale to get enough toast the rest old the year.
  6. I've been playing Sharpro grips for about 3 years and won't changetoanything else. The prices on eBay are very low (13 grips for under $40). I've been using the dual cord model,cord on top and rubber bottom. I play @ 80-100 per years and change the grips every February, so durability is good as well. I've tried other manufacturers grips on occasion, winns feel good, but @ 20 rounds they're worn out, golf prides are just overpriced. The lamkin 3gen is another great grip when you you find them at a discount.
  7. I've played 4 rounds with my CB2's and couldn't be happier. Scores have dropped each round. Shots are basically point and shoot. If I need to work it a little left or right, I can. Can hit knock downs, hit it high, whatvever is needed. Specs were off a little, but I had a clubbuilder check and he bent them to my needs (even if you custom order, make sure to have the clubs checked when you get them). Was so impressed that I ended up buying a 9064 driver, Black Pro Hybrid and speedfast 10 3 wood. No complaints with any of those either. Tried the Callaway Diablo Forged, Taylor Burner and Burner 2.0, Taylor Tour Preferred, Mizuno MP57, Callaway X22 Tour all in he past year. Taylor R9TP driver, fairways and hybrids, Callaway Diablo Edge Tour driver, fairways and Hybrids. My playing partners are always wondering what I'll show up with next. The Adams are here to stay. Last round had my first nine under par in over 3 years. Would have shot a low 70's round except for a Kevin Na hole on the front side. I'm a legit 11 handicap ( again a Kevin Na hole or 2 per 18 - elminate those and I can get into the low-mid single digits. ) Anyway - anyone looking for a new iron can't go wrong in giving the CB2 a fair shot.
  8. Wishon does make great clubs and shafts. They have a link to registered clubfitters, which is a good place to start. That being said, I just purchased some Adams CB2 irons. I've gone through 9 set of irons in the last 12 months and finally found a set that will stay in the bag. From the first range session to the last 2 rounds on the course, they are ideal. Straight (workable if needed). just the right trajectory and distance. After playing these, I ended buying a 9064LS driver and am extremley please with that. Now going to try an Adams 3 wood and hybrid. We'll see if Adams is my new supplier!
  9. Callaway 2008 FT Hybrid 21 degree, stiff Fujikura Fit-On Hybrid shaft; Lampkin white midsize 3Gen Grip; headcover included Hit 4 times in a simulator. 69.96 plus 12.99 shipping. Paypal only Callaway FT-IQ Tour I-mix head; 9.5 degree loft, neutral head. 1 head for sale only. No shaft or tool Includes headcover Hit @ 20 times in simulator 49.95 plus $10.00 shipping. Paypal only
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