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  1. Obviously you have only been to fitters who probably use fitting carts etc. There are different levels of fitting, and "those guys" I mean the ones who give you the 20 minute fitting (fitting carts, golf pro's, Golf retail centers) make "Real Professional Fitters" guilty by association. My fittings usually last about 1.5 hours, where we have the client fill out a detailed questionaire. We then have the golfer hit his/her own clubs to give us a baseline. That is when we go to work. My studio has over 400 shafts with each one on connectors, with each an after-market shaft. Multiple vendors, who have multiple models, at multiple flexes, at multiple weights. Do you see where I am going with this. Also, good data is essential to a good fitting. I have a flightscope. and the data I take from each shot is spot-on. Data-driven results are where real professionals make a difference. Anyone can run a launch monitor. The real question is can they interpret the data. Find yourself a real fitter who does all of the above. Once you find someone who can give you a "next Level" fitting, you will never go back. As far as adjustibility and flo planes etc. Matrix has addressed this with their 16 sided technology, where the cpm varies no more than 2 cpm's no matter where you align the shaft. Most aftermarket shafts reach this level of precision. That is why they are priced $$$.
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