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    Travel, food and sports! Golf fanatic in the summer, snowboarder in the winter. Love the hometown Vancouver Canucks and the NBA.
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  1. Surprised this hasn't been posted yet, but here's what was in the bag for Martin Kaymer during his win at the US Open. He had two 3-irons, one of them was a little longer and bent to a 2-iron loft. Ball: TaylorMade Lethal Driver: TaylorMade SLDR 460 (Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 X), 9.5 degrees 3-wood: TaylorMade SLDR, 14 degrees Irons (3): TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC; (3-PW): TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Wedges: TaylorMade TP xFT (54, 58 degrees) Putter: Ping Karsten Anser 2
  2. Considering Gold's Factory putters range from $700 - $3,000... I'm gonna guess that these wedges start at around $500 - $600.
  3. desperately! have been a big fan of masayuki sasaya and gold's factory putters for a long time, wedges look great as well, wow!
  4. wow.... that is SICK! looks like the JDM version of the SLDR 430 TP, but don't think it'll be offered in N. America... if it is, I'm sure it'll be super pricey, like most JDM products very nice to see in-hand photos though, thanks for sharing!!
  5. Welcome! travel to SE Asia quite often and have played around the region--some great courses around. Enjoy the forums!
  6. snoopy

    SLDR irons

    will be interesting to see how these compare to the speedblades and tour preferred CB's... thought the progression from speedblades to the CB's was pretty good already, but they slip the sldr irons in between now? excited to hit them when i get the chance!
  7. congrats on the purchase!! nothing feels like a mizzy!! im still playing a set of callaway x18s from about 6 years ago and the 54's are definitely on my radar.... enjoy them!!
  8. great write up dan - very impressed how you were able to put it all in words, it was so much information and such a long process to document! awesome job! i'm waiting for my specs from dean but going through the whole process myself, at $325, i feel that it's money well spent, especially for a first timer getting fit with no expectations. getting my off the rack clubs spec'd out was invaluable and getting on a trackman and really understanding the numbers, my swing and everything else was a great learning experience.
  9. THANKS I wish I could introduce myself and say that I'm the one in the video.... haha, how do I move this post to the other thread anyways or does the mod have to do that?
  10. **SORRY guys, put this in the wrong thread! Meant to post under "Golf Apparel" - my bad! Anybody here have UNIQLO clothing for golf? No UNIQLO store here in Vancouver, but I do have some of there heat tech and airism undershirts when I visited Asia last year. They work great especially when I hit the slopes to board. I'm sure I'll wear them for golf this year too before the weather warms up. The clothes look good (on Adam Scott at least!) and is pretty cost friendly. http://youtu.be/2JWVxF986qo
  11. the black/grey looks good, but personally i think i prefer it in red!
  12. welcome to the forum! haven't played golf in mainland china before, but have played a couple times in KL - which part of malaysia are you moving to? sounds exciting!
  13. played at Chambers Bay last year and heading down there again this summer - it's a pretty awesome course and my first experience with links style golf, you gotta check it out.
  14. welcome to the forums, just north of the border from ya in Vancouver! waiting for our weather to clear up soon too, just itching to play! you got some nice looking clubs, especially those MP 54s! can't beat the look and feel of a mizzy
  15. excited for the MBP write up! just had my own fitting with KT-18 today and it was a lot of fun. learned a lot and the fitting was a great experience. it was my first ever club fitting! ill post up some trackman numbers when i get them, but off the top of my head, this is what i can remember: my irons: callaway X18, uniflex shafts, 6i, carry ~186, total ~197 fitted for: callaway apex irons, kbs tour v shafts, 6i, carry~ 195, total ~212-215 not just longer, but my dispersion was A LOT tighter... went from about 79 feet off line (i have a crazy hook miss) to just 7 - 9 feet off line on the trackman... a lot of that has to do with the uniflex shaft (which i expected) and lie angle though, but that's what i have off the top of my head, will be sure to update again when i get all my thoughts together! but story of the day: fitting is so important and beneficial
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