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  1. Greens looking great opening day.Last hole had 218 left and hit a beautiful baby wedge too 5 feet.Still cold and windy,but a great way too end the day
  2. Today. Best approach into a narrow bunkered green. 247 yards out into a slight wind. And hit a nice smooth 6 iron. Using a kirkland
  3. Joined a local league that plays early am during the week.Their format is always a scramble.We shot a -9 which put us in a tie for 3rd
  4. Put my glove on and off for 4 times in a row.
  5. Spent an hour outside in coldish weather practicing a swing in an open field with a bag full of shag balls.Going real well and better than I expected.Only issue is short irons, for some reason my inside swing plane causes me to push more than usual. Rest of bag is fine with nice draws or straight balls.Darn wedges miss right Thinking about bending wedges upright to compensate for my shallower approach and more inside path. Hoping more upright my offset this miss
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  9. 37 and 15 mph winds/wind chill at 9.Tempted, but have to pass.Cya in mid April
  10. I bought a great net about 5 seasons ago that has a built in Matt. The lie is so fluffy that it feels like a side hill shot. I even have to grip down to hit it. But I guess it beats the alternative of our 6 month long winters
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  12. Put a net and mat in my pull barn.Went out and hit for an hour and filmed a little as well.Really sad the season is over.And Leary of hitting off a mat all off season.You can hit super fat on a mat and never realize your doing it But I guess either i do that or just not swing until spring
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  14. Still grinding away at this A Swing method. Only area I never changed was my grip to the recommended prayer grip.My excessly strong grip needs to be changed.Just hate to change what I have been doing for a decade
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  16. some of their dress codes speak differently
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  19. love me th cart sluts.She looks like a real bar hound
  20. 80 and sunny . I broke the temperature for 18.A good day
  21. Worked on A Swing again today and really enjoying the feel.Starting to wonder why all golfers shouldn't give this a try.Flight of ball is really pure when I feel the V transition . Can't wait to try this in play all next year when season is full bore
  22. Worked on the range the last time before they closed on this a swing.A guy came up to me and was fascinated how the Ball flew with a nice draw looping the club.I gave him a brief run down.He went from a slicer to a draw in 12 swings of the club.If that wasn't proof to me that this works I'm not sure what else is Feels manual, but hit some super shots when on
  23. I've been messing around with this a swing idea for a month now.Really hit some nice draws with it , but also share of over hooks as well.I like this method and see a ton of good in it Videoed my first swing using it today on the course. Actually looks better than I thought it would
  24. I'm going to be an elite custom club maker in our area.Asked some great questions since I'm slightly new on here.All my questions were answered and learned some valuable info.Looking to getting my new business rolling in a month.And hopefully my work will be noticed and I might go nation wide or maybe global
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