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  1. Greens looking great opening day.Last hole had 218 left and hit a beautiful baby wedge too 5 feet.Still cold and windy,but a great way too end the day
  2. Had this executive course that was located by an animal bi-products plant.When the wind was just right it would smell like someone crapped in their pants for the entire round.The golfers and staff made the course fun to play.Particularily the shop girl who wore tight jeans and low cut tops all the time
  3. Today. Best approach into a narrow bunkered green. 247 yards out into a slight wind. And hit a nice smooth 6 iron. Using a kirkland
  4. Play golf and not golf swing. I'm going to use any way I can to get the ball in the hole.
  5. Very rarely.If it works than stick with it
  6. Joined a local league that plays early am during the week.Their format is always a scramble.We shot a -9 which put us in a tie for 3rd
  7. Waiting for a review on this.Hopeful like everyone else.But I'm also very skeptical
  8. no. Only high tech gear.Im in the in crowd
  9. you don't need high tech equipment to hit a golf ball.All you need is proper swing fundamentals to advance that ball.
  10. I never use a tee of wood.Basically use compacted mud to look like a tee.Its environmentally friendly as well. I have enough golf tricks as Carter had mistresses
  11. I do everything slow. Almost methodical in a lighter sense. Will walk from locker to first tee in slow motion. Take out club and put tee in ground in slow motion. Than before I strike that sucker I stand their and gloat. I will survey my surroundings like I own the place. Enjoying and Reveling in the moment. After doing this for 45 minutes , I'm more than ready to accept what the day will bring
  12. Always work the ball.My natural shot is a right to left hard draw.But I can also work the Ball easily from left to right .Im a highly skilled and gifted natural golfer with superb coordination.Feel bad for everyone that slices.A slice is really a sign that things are very very bad
  13. Honestly I know scratch and city golf champions who still play older sets like these.Really proves to me that many try and buy a golf game with new equipment.If you have a fundamentally sound golf game than any club will work.Sadly this is looked down on by online forum golf
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