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  1. Joel, California, 15 Callaway X Chrome 52 and 56, bent to 50, 55 Vokey Spin Milled 60
  2. Joel Hobson CA 15 That high of a handicap with my driver SS at 112mph, I need all the help I can get
  3. thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!
  4. can any of the guys who own adidas as well as TRUE speak to sizing? is a 10 in adidas comparable to a 10 in TRUE, etc
  5. well said. the self righteous talk flying around this thread is sickening. the one thing we all have in common is our imperfect human nature, NONE of us are blameless or innocent, and so are in a poor position to judge the mistakes of others. if you don't like what the guy has done fine, if it disgusts you then fine, but don't piss on the right of others to draw their own conclusions and act accordingly.
  6. currently Driver: TM 09 burner 10.5 degree graphite designs tour proto 702x 3W: TM 09 burner 15 degree true temper steel stiff 3h 19 degree Warrior golf POS Irons 4-9 Mizuno MP 57 proj x 6.0 52 & 56 wedges: callaway x tour proj x 6.0 lob wedge 60 degree callaway x tour true temper wedge flex Boccieri A2-M Pro V1X or whatever ball I can get my hands on putter has a winn pistol, all others lamkin crossline full cord . . . but in two weeks I go get a proper fitting and the whole kit n kaboodle will be up for grabs with the exception of the iron heads themselves, I don't know if I'll ever be able to drag myself away from that mizuno feel
  7. kid DOES have a good swing! makes me jealous I didn't have a club in my hands until I was 24
  8. just checked these out on ebay. . . $900? really? never heard of the brand before, and I guess the price point explains why
  9. agreed, the crown is way too busy
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