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  1. Great opportunity. Thanks. Gary Lewis, Edmonds Wa Handicap 10 Currently using Mizuno EZ Forged, 2013 version Not custom fit
  2. Awesome thread. I have a question on the golf ball seam. There seems to be much varied opinions on whether or not a seamless ball improves the flight characteristics or not. Since the MTB ball does have a seam it leads me to believe that a seamless ball doesn't have any significant advantage over a ball with a seam. Also, does a seam reduce the amount of dimple coverage on a golf ball by any kind of significant amount?
  3. Pretty excited about this golf ball and want to compare it to the Chrome Soft and the new softer Taylormade Project A.
  4. Thanks for the comments. I will definitely be trying the Snell MTB soon. Good to hear from someone from this state.
  5. I am anxious to try this golf ball. I have a feeling that it is an improved version of something like the Project A golf ball, which is a good ball in it's own right. Has anyone compared the MyTour with the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball? I like the Chrome Soft, good all around ball that leaves a little bit to be desired around the greens imho. Good ball but I am guessing the MyTour would perform better over all, an at a few bucks cheaper.
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