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  1. You can also remove and 'save' your old grip using the air compressor. Use your tool to keep the old grip from exploding and blow air into the hole in the end of grip. I don't have a compressor but there is a little shop in town I take a club to when I want to 'save' the grip. He uses this technique.
  2. I do mark my ball with a small 'Z' near the logo on each side. As for an alignment aide, I dont use one, the line on my putter is what I use to visualize the line.
  3. An organization called North Coast Golf Shows has a number of shows in midwest cities. Long Driver demos, vacation info, various niche products, dicount houses, etc. Many shoes and clubs for sale. Great way to spend a 2-3 hours if you are 'snowed in'.
  4. Top Flite Gamer v2 - Good performance at their price point and beyond
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