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  1. I have taken GG out for 3 rounds now. The first round was great. Second round wasnt, but that was my fault. I forgot to tag quite a few shots and when I went to edit, I couldnt remember which clubs I had used.Editing would have been time consuming because I forgot to tag so many shots. So I chose not to save my round and moved on. My 3rd round I only forgot to tag one shot and since it was a tee shot, was very simple to edit. GG tracked everything and the device worked great! Ive played with the editing a little bit and as long as you can remember which clubs you used, its not very complicated to edit and fix. Overall im am happy with GG. GG is also adding new features and working on making this device even better. I think this is a great device for geeks like me who are just curious as to how far we hit the ball or which clubs we seem to hit better and to also get a decent average per club. I have a lot of fun with it and look forward to future rounds! Happy golfing everyone!
  2. I used my Game Golf device for the first time this past Tuesday. I am not a good golfer by any means. In fact i was hesitant to use this yet as I am beginning to take lessons. But I did use it and I cant complain about it. I tagged every shot and it seemed to work just fine. The yardages appeared to be very accurate. The only problem I had was during editing and that was from me not playing around with it enough. My buddy told me how to do it for next time. Adding penalties was not a problem. I did have to go away from the page after I edited it and come back to see the changed made before I signed the round. I didnt want to sign it first and have it be inaccurate. Next time I am thinking of bringing a notebook with me to take notes as i am soemtimes all over the place to see how it stacks up. But from what I noticed my last round, it seemed to be working well.
  3. I ordered this device even though I should have probably spent the money on lessons. But im a gadget geek at times and thought this would be fun. I haven't gone out and played since I received Game Golf but a very good friend/golf buddy has. So far in our area, he said it seems to be pretty accurate. Issues with editing haven't been as bad the more he uses it. I have asked questions and without using it first hand there are some things I am curious about. Why can't you check out your stats for a round without saving it? Or can you? At any time can you delete your stats and rounds and start over? Maybe after each season? Or maybe you just want a fresh start. So far Ive been told you can create another email account and go that route if you want to start over. Something someone like me would be interested in doing after I take a series of lessons. As far as using another club to chip or bump and run, cant you just pocket a tag you arent using as a wedge of some sort and use any club you want? I think someone suggested that on either this site or another. Would or does that work? I still can't wait to get out and play with my new toy! I enjoy reading everyones expieriences with this and hope to see everyone with updates, suggestions, comments and questions concerning Game Golf.
  4. Hello! I am 39 years old and live in reno,nv. I absolutely love golf but I am pretty bad at it. Didn't really start playing consistently until about 5 years ago or so. But it's that one shot that keeps me coming back. Going to take a series of lessons starting next week. Discovered this site after trying to research game golf. Seems like a good site with lots of helpful and nice people. Just wanted to drop in and say hi and thanks for having me!
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