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  1. Bill San Francisco,CA (the land of no flat lies) I walk 90%of my rounds (it’s usually the only exercise I get) I use a ClicGear 3.0 Thanks!
  2. Bill from San Francisco I keep it sharp by trying to play on a course whenever possible. I've been trying to get into using PuttOut I don't currently own one but was starting to look after reading your reviews. I had a rollup foam one in college. I would choose Medium green speed.
  3. Bill from California 40 with a 10 handicap I game the MacGregor MT Pro CM in gunmetal black, 3 through PW Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Avg # rounds played annually: 30 Current handicap: 10 Current gamer putter: SeeMore mFGPss
  5. Handicap: 9 Grip Currently Playing: Red Golf Pride Tour Wrap How often Regrip: Every few years (I really try to clean my grips often so that they last a long time) Why would I be an awesome grip tester: I play at least once a week and have a bunch or tournaments and boys golf weekends planned in the next 5 months so I would be able to give them a through testing in many different conditions (mountain, oceanside, country). I'm due for new grips so I wouldn't be wasting good grips that I have now just to get new ones (Earth friendly!). Plus I'm a cool dude and would represent well.
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