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  1. Who wants it the most??? IT'S ME! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb1b0tAR-3s
  2. Charles from Sacramento Handicap 20 Wilson ci11 4-PW with True Temper TX-Flighted steel shaft Not custom fit
  3. Here's what I have planned. I just learned that one of my golf buddies has a trackman in his garage. I am going to work up an analysis of my swing and try to figure out what I am doing to break all these darn shafts. I will get back to you guys to let you know how that goes. BTW thanks for all the input. I am going to look at every possibility in order to stop breaking all this expensive equipment. Cheers! -Chuck
  4. Here's my Dilemma: Standing at the tee box, I wind up and connect very well. Now the only problem is that I am standing over the top of my driver in pieces. This was not the only time or last time I would break my shaft on a golf club. Let me begin with the first occasion. I was just learning how to play golf around the age of 24. I was at the driving range with my buddy. He had a full set of clone clubs. I was hitting his driver, and I swung and connected and the head only flew off. Ok, we originally thought...these clubs were 10 years old (circa 1997), and the "glue" broke down and then I gave that clone driver it's farwell swing. Fast forward to the ages of 29-31. In that span I have broke 3 steel iron club shafts, 2 Driver Shafts, and most recently a 3-wood shaft. I believe that I have a fast swing speed, but I haven't tested it yet. With my iron shots I always take huge chunks 'o dirt, real nice pelts that a taxidermist would love to use :-P Below are the clubs that I have broken the shafts: -Ping G10, Black Dot, True Temper zz65 shafts A-wedge, 8-iron, and 6-iron -Adams Speedline 4G Ultra-Lite 12 degree Driver, 55g Grafalloy Blue ProLaunch Regular Shaft -Callaway Diablo Edge Tour 15 Degree 3-Wood, Aldilla Voodoo SVS7 Shaft - Adams Fast 12 Driver, Stiff Stock Shaft (TESTER at local pro shop) Here's the cherry on top....Every shaft has broken over my shoulder/back on my follow-through. The obvious comes to mind... Control your follow-through. Everything I read says that it's incredibly difficult to do such a thing. I leave this to you. Attached here a couple of photos that I have of the carnage... Has anyone heard or seen this happen before?
  5. I want it, I want it, I want it. Those look great! Kudos
  6. Slippy, slappy, swappy...check on the briefcase :-P lmfao
  7. The Versa Jailbird should be called the "Versa Convict" and each putters serial should be inscribed in orange letters
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing as I was filling out this survey. I played Pinehurst #2 and #8. Can't believe Olympic Club wasn't on here. We gotta plan Torrey Pines and Pebble Beach trips
  9. Thanks everyone. I plan on hanging out here often due to the praise from a friend of mine @golfspydave
  10. Hey there everyone. My name is Charles and I live in Sacramento. I am living the dream..... I work a 9-5 job, brew beer at home, and play golf when I can. I started playing golf about 10 years ago. I started playing regularly in 2007 after I got out of the US Navy. My average over par score is +23.4. Recently I have been lucky enough to play at Olympic Club and Pinehurst...and YES...both of those courses put me through the ringer :-P
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