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  1. Agree, some of the best covers. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. I just followed the link above and was notified I won a towel. Bonus....I learned something in the process.
  3. Generally I'm excited about seeing new equipment come out but I've become numb to it all. Is a new model every 6months really needed? Just another model that will be on sale 6 weeks from now. For this reason I don't like TM.
  4. First time posting. Had to respond to this. I am a "newbie" to golf, approximately 2 years. I book tee times as a single about 80% of the time. Like others, I enjoy the solitude and relaxation of playing by myself. I keep an accurate score, putt out every hole, take penalties etc. I do this because I keep my own stats. If I'm not honest with my scoring, I can't see what I need to work on and improve. Half the time I may join up with another single or a double. Allways difficult because you don't know what your going to get ie someone who drinks a lot, gives advise on EVERY shot etc. g
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