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  1. Walter, North Carolina 12.2 Callaway Great Big Bertha 2015 Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black TiNi Regula 55 grams 86 mph 200 yards Dainel Berger
  2. My first name is Walter but I use my middle name, Scott. Hometown: Traphill, NC Strengths and Weaknesses of Short Game: I do pretty well on flop shots and chips. But pitching and sand shots leave more to be desired. I have recently been experimenting with different wedge sets but have yet to find a good fit for me. I am 75 and use senior flex cavity irons but would like to use a heavier wedge set that provides more feel and control.
  3. Hi, W. Scott I live in North Carolina I am a dedicated, 75 year old, walker who has walked and carried his bag for almost my entire life. I was a caddie from grade school through high school at private courses in the Chicago area and occasionally after that at courses where I worked part time while in the military or for local golf pros. I caddied for Chi Chi in the 1960 Seattle Open. So I have carried a lot of bags. My current bag is a 1.9 pound Titleist Sunday Bag with one divider. It holds a full set, including a 48" driver and 50" long putter. But it does not have a stand, which is something I would like to find in a bag that was light enough for me to carry. I carried my bag for 122 rounds last year and have averaged over 100 rounds a year carrying my bag for about the last 12 years. I would like to try to 2.five bag! Thanks for considering me. Regards, Scott
  4. I am W. Scott. I live in Traphill, North Carolina. My index now is 9.5. I am 75, in good health and normally play over 100 rounds per year (123 last year). I have been playing for well over 50 years. Yet I have never been able to achieve a good, hands ahead, impact position. I have tried many, many different training aids and practice routines without success. The DST Compressor will hopefully help me achieve that position and allow me to take a leap forward in my play despite my age. And if that can happen for me I am sure thousands of other senior players will find out about it, use the DST Compressor and also achieve lifelong game-improvement goals.
  5. Hi, I was W. Scott from NC. My current handicap is 10. I am right handed and use senior graphite shafts as I am 75 years old. In the past I have carried irons up to and including a one iron. My longest current is a four hybrid. Thanks, Scott
  6. I am W. Scott Mohn. Traphill, NC, USA 75 Yrs old, HDCP: 10, current set: entirely 2015 Callaway XR - Except for the driver Driver: 2010 Adams 9064 LD 6.5*. 48" long, swing speed: about 88mph Shaft: 2015 Fujikura Evolution Speeder 474, senior flex
  7. I would like to test them. Current irons Callaway X-16, Senior Stock shaft, right hand, standard lie and length. Graphite. HDCP: 10.6
  8. Walter Scott, North Carolina Adams 9064LD, 6.5*, 48", Fuji Evolution Speeder, A flex 88 mph, 199+ yards Thanks for the consideration!
  9. Name: WScott Home: NC HDCP: 12 Current: X-16 4 Hybrid and 5 Wood, Project X 4.5 Light, A Flex, Right Handed
  10. W. Scott Mohn North Carolina Hdcp: 10 Over 100 rounds a year. I buy balls on the internet. Thanks! Scott
  11. I have had two Formula Five drivers. I had a Black Rage (White) before that. I had to change shafts on all of them because I am over 70. I put an MP4 shaft in the Rage and really liked it. So I bought a Formula Five and put the MP4 shaft in it. While I hit a few long drives, for me, it never felt right and certainly was not particularly forgiving. A year later I bought another with the stock "lite" shaft. It did not preform as well for me in any respect. It has been a big disappointment. I have sold both drivers. I have received the new Formula Six offers but I will not be buying one -- at least not until after I see some testing results related to seniors and golfers with average swing speeds. I have liked the people I have talked to and the company in general. That just makes it more disappointing. I guess I could say the same things about the Grenade driver.
  12. Thanks, Brad. God, I love demo days. We just have far too few of them where I live in the western foothills of North Carolina. I wish manufacturers would spend more on demo days than on any other form of advertising to reach serious golfers. I picked up a new 915D2 yesterday and was impressed -- but I could not hit it in the shop! And your comments about the TM irons are very interesting as I may be looking for new irons next year. I'd be happy to read all the demo day reports I can find, especially ones from various levels of golfers. The information in the magazines from such testing does not seem detailed enough. Thanks, again. Scott
  13. I have had on of these for a year now and I love it. I will probably have to buy a new one however before too long because the covering around the edge of the face has come up a bit and moisture is getting in and fogging up the face on humid days. It really helps to have the yardage to the front and back and middle of greens.
  14. I agree it could be some help. But the game relies on many of us old timers who just don't move as fast as we used to do. So if you have a pro who specializes in public relation skills he or she may be able to diplomatically discuss slow play with the tardy groups without driving them to other golf courses! If so it might help most if the feedback is available to the pro by the time the group leaves the course and arrives in the club house. Sounds like it would be expensive. But I know people at many courses do not take well to Marshals asking them to pick it up and a side discussion with the pro in private after the round might be accepted more easily.
  15. I find so many top grade balls that I almost never have to buy them. As a result I also never think twice about using them on water holes or OB holes, etc. When I find balls I grade them. The worst go into my "hit away" collection. I hit them away before a round when I can do so instead of buying a "bucket" of range balls. The next best grade goes into my practice bag. I use them wherever I can practice, pick them up, hit them again. When they get worn they go into the hit away bag. Of course the final grade includes all the balls I play with. I keep more of the brands I like most on hand. But otherwise this allows me to play with top grade balls I might not otherwise try. For example, this week I played with six very near new 2014 Nike top grade balls. I played well and liked them much more than I could have guessed based on the result I got from Nike balls in years past. I am just lucky to play a course where balls are easily lost. And, as an old caddie, I know where to look! Where? Everywhere! Scott
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