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  1. 1. Ron/New Brunswick Canada 2. Footjoy Hydrolite 3. Living and playing in NB is a test for rain wear. Our season starts in late April or early May and we get plenty of rain until late June most years. The season extends into October which is usually cold and wet. At both ends of the season we get lots of rain and regular 'frost delays'. My worst rain experience was playing in the Year End scramble several years back - it went from steady rain to a torrential downpour. We finished the day despite flooded greens and rooster-tail putts. My Footjoy rainwear didn't cut it. A recent memorable trip to Scotland featured heavy rain on a wonderful course, Askernish, on the island of South Uist . The rain came down hard but didn't last long before the winds blew it away to reveal bright sunshine. The day was transcendent and the course was spectacular - a good example of having the appropriate equipment to save a great day of golf.
  2. Ron New Brunswick, Canada 9 handicap Ping G20 - Ping CFS Reg shaft Irons i500 [#5,#6,#7,#8,#9,PW] Modeli500 Color CodeGreen ShaftTrue Temper XP 95 FlexR300 Length+0.5" GripTour Velvet Grip Color CodeWhite ​My G20's are about 10 years old. They helped me get my handicap down but it is time for a change to get to the next level. I am intrigued by the i500's and have heard lots about the distance gains which would be welcome. The sleeker look at address also appeals and the finish is very attractive. I am 69 years old and play a minimum of 100 rounds a year - more if I can get south in the winter. Fairways on my home course are fairly soft for a good part of the year - I guess equivalent to New England. This year has been very hot and dry so bounces and rolls are in play and accuracy to smallish greens is a must. I'd love to have a chance to evaluate the look, feel, distance and accuracy of these new clubs!
  3. I'm not the greatest golfer. I play to a 9 handicap. But I've been playing for a long time and I've made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. Some of the guys I play with clearly have incorrect concepts about how to hit a golf ball. Slicers are the worst offenders, followed closely by guys who try to lift the ball in the air with irons and those who tee the ball too low when using a driver. I know I can help them with these misconceptions and sometimes I have, but I am still reluctant to say anything during a round. These same guys almost never see the range so that is out too. What is your take about offering advice to other golfers?
  4. Great opportunity to get fit with a new set! I just gave my new Callaway set of wedges to my son after struggling with them for a season. I play Ping G25 irons and I am really interested in giving the CBX wedges a try. Thanks for the reviews.
  5. Ron Hampton NB Canada Strength - chip and run & weakness pitches and flops Glide 2.0â„¢ [50SS, 54SS & 58WS RH] Color Code: Yellow Shaft: XP 95 [R300] Length: Standard Grip: Dyla-wedge
  6. Gamer putter - Odyssey Works Two Ball Fang with Superstroke Slim 3.0 grip; also Ping Rustler Cadence TR with Suoerstroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip Handicap - 10.3 Rounds per year - 125 - 150 Please enrol me in the EVNRoll test. I am good putter and want to get better!!
  7. Ron New Brunswick Canada Handicap 9.7 Current Wedges: Callaway MD3 52 & 56 (10 degrees bounce) Cleveland CG14 60
  8. Ron B, New Brunswick, Canada Handicap 9 Currently using a Garmin S2 GPS watch. Also used a Bushnell Neo handheld GPS.
  9. Ron - New Brunswick, Canada 11.2 handicap I practice fairly often and have been working on the issue of making better contact with my irons. Specifically, I have been trying to get hands in front of the ball at impact with a bowed left wrist.
  10. Your name and home state/province - Ron - New Brunswick, Canada Your handicap - 10.9 ​Your current driver/shaft - Calloway XR (2015) Project X LZ 50 Blue Graphite (Reg) Your current driver swing speed -91
  11. Ron Badger New Brunswick Canada 125 rounds per tear Handicap 9 Buy balls in my home course pro shop. Currently playing Pro V1.
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