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  1. I was down at one of the PING dealers yesterday and was told that even the Ketsch (New) would be discontinued and the rep there told me that he had just received news from his boss that they would not be taking in any more orders for the Ketsch. If so, Darren is probably gonna be one of the very few proud owners of a PING Ketsch in Singapore... There was a Ketsch in his shop, and it was the New version. Specs wasn't what i was looking for, else I may have been really tempted What a pity... no more Ketsches headed this way, at least to this part of the world i guess...
  2. Thanks Darren for your update on the Ketsch! Am looking forward to everyone's investigative work on the enigmatic Ketsch family
  3. Would any kind soul advise if the updated Ketsche outperforms the original Ketsche? Am tempted to get one but not sure if I should get the original or the updated version with "improved" grooves... help!
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